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Why is the question of evolution in such confusion?

April 30th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Why is the question of evolution in such confusion? There are two broad sources of error. Religious critics, on the one hand, detect scientism, and reject Darwinism, and, on the other, substitute religious confusions for scientific principles. Scientific perspectives, oblivious to scientism, expect a mechanical law of evolution like natural selection to be the source of all value events in the later stages of evolution, i.e. human evolutionary contexts where ‘religion’ shows that facts and values intersect. The attempt to eliminate values with mechanical generalizations is in all cases bogus, and the clear case of the darwinian reduction of altruism is only the most notorious case of pseudo-science. What is remarkable is the baffled incomprehension of scientists themselves. The whole debate over kin/group selection has gone on for a generation or more with all parties oblivious to the flaws in all approaches here.
The result here is two forms of delusion in collision and no clarity or resolution is possible.
Religionists have to face the reality that spiritual claims about evolution aren’t likely to succeed. Biologists need to consider that a science that eliminates value in the study of facts isn’t going to work as that science moves toward the complicated issues of the evolution of ethics or religion.

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