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Patriotic yankee doodle Americans turning into human shit, soon to catch up with Kissinger….

May 11th, 2014 · No Comments

The discussion of neo-communism in Last and First Men will be hard to figure for most, even those who consider themselves radical activists. But I think a new look at communism is inevitable, for an ironic reason. The original idea of the /end of history/ (not really from Hegel but from Kojeve) failed in the Stalinist context that Kojeve seems to have tolerated from his bureaucratic desk in Paris. If his cynicism about the ‘universal homogenous state’ was a bit off, the fact remains that he was clear about the reality of the globalization endpoint. You have a choice, a collectivist system of some kind, and it would seem that it needs to be an idealism of attempting communism as equality and a new disposition about private property, or a elaborate tyranny of capitslist elites slowly shifting into neo-feudalism, and a sickening barbarism of high civilization. I have watched a whole generation since the sixties attempt one radical gesture after the other. All failed. Every parameter inducing activist protest and remedy has actually gotten worse. Even at the crisis point of climate change, the elites remain indifferent. But in fact, although not for the first time, but with overwhelming emphasis now on the now obvious, this situation shows us that the free market context is not self-correcting and in danger of aborting the whole capitalist enterprise. Not a danger but almost a blessing in disguise. We need to give our future descendants a break. We can muddle through to a future that probably will create tremendous misery for our future family. We should suffer that karma now, and not inflict the most atrocious of horrors on the innocents of the future, having to work off our karma. We were once a proud people, but we are on the threshold of becoming human shit, stilling thinking our yandle doodle patriot number as we catch up with the likes of Kissinger. I don’t see anything honorable in the claptrap of patriotic Americans anymore. But we could reinvent patriotism around a neo-communist theme, if only as an emergency gedanken experiment to stop wasting energy in phony change, and consider the real impulse toward a revolutionary settlement along the lines of the early modern, that created our world, and the endgame/new start of the year 1848, the year of Mars/Engels….

American culture is classically cute, in its Hollywood reflections. But all those old movies start to look at little odd at this point. Lemmings, or what? But all at once the nightmare pops out, the dgradation of the planet, as a pampered elite of middle to upper middle classers stuck in ideology and darwinian self-satisfaction at the false victory generate the potential death of millions.

Such sentiments as these, in many forms, really make the neo-communist idea a liferaft, and the chance for real self-respect.
The spectable of Roman antiquity, btw, shows this slide into obivion in all its portrait of sturdy Roman republicans sinking into the ultimate horror of the Roman games. Check out the movie Gladiator. There is an unnerving resemblance here to globalization, as the sturdy American republicans embark on the final exhaustion of planetary resources, as the horror zones like those in the Congo, unconsciously willed by Darwinian sadists who think this whole game is evolving man, sparks the analog of republican degradation in the corner of the eye spectacle of mass death. Tuned to their Hollywood movies, as the ship sinks.

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