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“Surprise: Pope Francis believes in Satan and demons”

May 12th, 2014 · 2 Comments

In many ways the questions raised by the new atheists tend to both clarify and confuse the issues of religion. On the question of ‘Satan’ we enter a realm where the confusion on both sides, religious and non-religious, is so great we are almost better off not entering the discussion unless we can resolve the great lacuna in our knowledge of the history of Christianity, the history of Satan beliefs, and the incidents that led to the theological codification of the issue, by that time no longer understood by the church hierarchy. We can’t easily help here if we repeat old false refutations. The question is subject to confusion: We can’t refute what isn’t defined. But I think the issue of ‘Satan’ is fairly clear: it is a theological crystallization of a reality theologians could no longer understand. As such it is a paranoid phantom hallucinated from a confusion over the question of demonic possession. The idea of ‘Satan’ is surely a false generalization of the experience of the ‘demonic’ which is the source of hopeless confusion. We should set aside the belief in Satan, but not be too cocky in our materialist beliefs on the issue of ‘demons’! So the issue is not ‘Satan’ but a question mark about disembodied entities that can usurp the identities or the autonomy of material plane individuals. And here the horribly vague evidence is not so clear cut. We will adjourn this question to the other blog on this site, The Gurdjieff Con.

Demons, at the very least, exist, but only on the material plane, because figures like the notorious Gurdjieff called themselves demons! An ironic answer. Gurdjieff also cast out dark rumors of the powers of ‘demonic’ hypnosis. But these powers are garden variety techniques that 9to5 psychologists can use, so their existence is fairly clear. Evidently there are variant standards of the game and a very advanced version by unscrupulous operators like Gurdjieff and many sufis that can pass as full possession of an individual via his unconscious. Very dangerous. This isn’t the devil then, but a fully operational brand of the ‘demon’ in action, so far only on the material plane. We should consider this material model worrisome evidence of a worse form of this situation on different planes, if we can establish their existence. This is the issue that haunts the world of ashrams: has the guru adopted a demonic possession of a disciples identity. There are surely dozens of versions of partial hypnosis here, from ordinary group conditioning to the plain old TV advertisement, all those demons on MAD-Ave who cast spells on unwitting couch potatoes in suburbia.

Then there is the dark rumor of CIA experimentation in the mind control realm. We have no good evidence of what is going on, but the question of the assassin of Robert Kennedy has often been thrown into the pot as evidence that the now destroyed mindcontrol research was sufficient for the creation of Manchurian candidates. We should have the right to open discussion of what the American dot.gov is up to. And we seem to have strong evidence something like an epidemic of ‘demonic’ manipulations of government victims demonstrates the fact of the existence of ‘demons’ of the Gurdjieff type in governmental orgs.

This issue is portrayed in the realm of the spy film, and the motion picture The Bourne Identity seems to blow the whistle on the variants of the Manchurian candidate. The film unwittingly creates a symbolism of the demonic as the covert operative programmed to be an assassin starts to snap out of the whole game, and goes into shock in the form of amnesia. This is a myth based on a reality we aren’t told about in the news, with the address at 71st street on the table as a sphere of training in the dark arts of espionage using the dark arts of CIA mind control techniques, if they exist, beyond the rumors we have to live with. The Bourne figure goes through a long process of trying to ‘remember’ what had happened to him, with the conclusion indirectly indicting, via dramatic imagery, some variant of waterboarding, and the eliciting of the will of the agent in training (‘we didn’t come to you, you came to us’), climaxing with an actual murder of a victim as proof of sufficient ruthlessness. This claims to be clear evidence of demons at work in our government. A key part of the whole game is the spy movie itself. Raised on this fare, the candidates for state assassin are so hyped by the genre they are easily turned into Manchurian candidates. Chock up one for Hollywood doing their bit for National Security. The Bourne series, hopefully, will cure you of that fantasy.

Does the CIA really train agents in major cities, up to killing guinea pig humans in the middle of major cities? We are given insufficient evidence of what our government does, but I fear this wasn’t what the Founding Fathers had in mind.
Here, I fear, the Catholic hierarchy will denounce the devil, but look the other way at Machiavellian politics. In any case, I assume, but am not sure, if the Prez himself knows what is going on here. If the latter, then the Prez is breaking the law. I can hardly see how he would not, making escape from the charge of ‘demon in the White House’ hard to not suspect.

We are left with the next question, does all this in some form exist on the ‘bardo plane’ on some unknown spiritual dimension. Here, strictly speaking we don’t know, despite the oceans of religious myth here. Kant’s Visions of A Ghostseer is a reminder that we inevitably ignore, of the spiritual dimensions. If they exist, they would obviously include demons in many varieties. But we provoke the disease through imagination, and we should be wary, as Kant warns, of the whole sphere of metaphysical evil. On the material plane, up to and including the President, we are forced to suspect ‘possession by devils’ as the individuals of record in the government. The demons in the astral worlds, whatever our suspicions, could hardly be worse than the people we have elected to office. A lot of innocent patriots, good people are being slowly poised by suspicions followed by reasserted loyalty, leaving all in the stew of corruption by demonic arts, those of their government.

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