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Jewish IQ bullshit as a will to power tactic to shatter the self-confidence of Gentiles?

May 15th, 2014 · No Comments


We need to get smart on this issue: questions like this are rising to the surface…
I am going to adapt this post to an Amazon review.I got the Kindle version. It is hard to afford these books that need challenge. The dismal science of darwinism is the unshakable in the minds of the public, and the scientific professions. That is odd. I have the key to my review in the first page of the book (which also prompts for some renewed study on genetic/genomic issues).
The crux is a cinch: the changes to the genome in the periods indicated is not evolution. ‘Microevolution’ might work.

The claims about the Jewish intelligence factor is, in a way, who cares at this point. But my analysis shows Gentiles the way their sense of self-worth is being directly assaulted. It is all bullshit, don’t take it seriously. I am sorry to be so blunt, but having observed the damage down by Jewish ‘boy we are smart claims’ the need for a judicious challenge is needed. I have encountered one too many Gentiles bewildered to discover they are supposed to be stupid.

I think the macro analysis is useful. The issue could easily be turned to everyone’s advantage. But not any time soon. I say this more to Gentiles to beware of this question, than to those promoting social darwninist nonsense. It is not worth getting into a snit on this issue. The Jewish effect here is peaking rapidly and after six years of Israel and it complex catastrophe of good intentions the motion toward a new form of GenJu assimilation is going to take effect. The Jewish factor is almost a miracle of ‘eonic evolution’ and shows the way to a slight upgrade to ‘middle level’ intelligence in Christian, thence any other populations.

The IQ factor and analysis is almost totally botched in all cases. If Jews are so smart why are they thirty years behind the Bible Belt in seeing through Darwinism, a century after Einstein? Because IQ is a misleading measure. However it does clearly correlate with mid-level economic success. But even there, the issues are confused.
Is success in a neo-liberal economy a sign of real intelligence? Not in my book. Anyway this issue will be gone in another generation.

The hunt for the real secret of human intelligence is still ongoing. The ‘eonic effect’ shows a set of clues to the issue. How anyone could have an inferiority complex in relation to jews is hard to understand given the real record. Jews are completely third string here in relation to overall issues. But they have produced a vital new ingredient to human sociology.

Let’s stick to the bright side here: the issue is the assimilation of the jews to a grade advance in social microevolution, probably as Christians absorb and then themselves move on to the needs of the new era we have entered.

Forget the jews here, if you are a confused gentile convinced you are stupid. Look at the record of achievement of gentiles since the dawn of the Axial Age. The game has reversed. The Indo-European factor nettled and enraged the other populations in the mix. A mystery emerged wishing for resolution. Millennia later the mystery is beautifully resolved, then gets derailed by the antisemitic factor in a gruesome tragedy, the Holocaust. That was a total puzzle: the direction of the judeo-christian experiment would never have produce that, genuine antisemitism apart. It is something else.
Christians and others should be proud of the hidden miracle of judeo-christianty. One part created a universal religion, the other part created a breeding experiment.

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