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Are darwinists stupid, or liars? Most intelligent scientists know full well darwinism is a deception

May 18th, 2014 · No Comments

http://darwiniana.com/?s=wade: articles on Wade’s book on race/evolution….

To continute the thought of the previous post, it is time to ask the big Question: are Darwinists stupid or liars? The issue is complicated by the way that ideology induces a delusive state of mind, along with the demands of peer conformity that makes that ideology stick.
Still, we have to suspect that a very large number of academic/scientific intellectuals know perfectly well that darwinism is an ideology, one that supports a lot of agendas, from the idiot cult of Dawkins and his flock, to the more subtle enforcers of social darwinist ideology.

It is an ongoing disgrace because the flaws in darwinism have been exposed hundreds of times: it is hard to believe that so many smart people suddenly go ‘blink blink’ when the issue of this pseudoscience comes up.

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