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The need for a postdarwinian left

May 20th, 2014 · No Comments


Last and First Men is a new perspective on the rise of modernity, its revolutions, and the emergence of communism in the last phase of that transition. The book also takes aim at Darwinism and shows a way for the left to exit from that social-darwinist paradigm. Short of simply ditching Darwinism the left is stuck in a set of confusions over the basically pseudo-scientific and ideological character of the theory. I think that the simplest way to exit Darwinism is to examine the real visible dynamics of world history, and then to see that nothing like Darwin’s theory could show how evolution merges into history. World history shows a hidden directionality that eludes those versed in random evolution.

Wade’s nonsense about natural selection in recent history is rubbish, and it is unnerving to see the whole cadre of public intellectuals incapable of seeing any problem.
In any case whatever we think of evolutionary theories in general, the attempt to explain human evolution in Darwinian terms is a failure. To be trying to explain recent changes in human genetics as evolution is a total misunderstanding of the whole question, and a collation of micro and macroevolution.
It is very easy to expose Darwinism, and it is not hard whatsoever to say that one does not know. We don’t know how homo sapiens evolved, and it is a distortion of the record to simply annex this mystery to Darwinian cliches of theory.
The simplest way past Darwinism is the statistical absurdity of the theory. This has been pointed out thousands of times by critics, but the core of the paradigm refuses to budge. It is one of the strangest failures of science in the whole history of science.

Part of the problem is the way that scientific training makes its students think in terms of things that look like ‘laws’, e.g. natural selection. But evolution is in a different category and eludes the questions of mechanicity with a more complicated character altogether.

It would be nice if the left could take dissent on Darwinism away from creationists and the ID groups and make it an issue of theory and ideology. The whole legacy of marxism on evolution is really a lot of junk.

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