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An esoteric left?

May 23rd, 2014 · No Comments


Although a bit strange, the issue of the ‘left’ and the ‘new age’ movement is bubbling in the pot on the backburner. Now coming to the front burner. The ‘spiritual’ world is getting fed up with the reactionary capture of religion, and the hounds of hell are on the verge of being loosed the politics of spirituality. By the same token the old historical materialism was a turn off for many in the realm of religion. But religion has become a ruin that the left needs to both assess and bypass, or recreate in a new form. The hint was always in the ancient ‘materialist’ Samkhya, a form of materialism in the ancient spirituality of antiquity.

The question is simple to start, and addressing the Preface to the new Last and First Men, to be released soon: the issues of exploitation and capitalist ethics never required the kind of Nietzschean sophistry used to prove spiritual villainy was ‘spiritual’. The world is changing gears.

The real issue here is not me but that the ‘esoteric left’, a bad name, is looking for someone who can be a leader there. The type doesn’t exist yet. I am the only one who comes close: knowledge of eastern religion, theist/atheist straddler, student of religion, sufism, buddhism, student of modern left (marxism, plus), student of economics, enough math to defy capitalist ideologists, spiritual maturity to defy the rightwing juggernaut and fascists like Gurdjieff, sixty degree turn from sheikistan to flip the bird in the direction of Tibet. More requirements required. But it was/is a useful exercise to try and hire oneself here, if only as a snapshot of oneself (just picked up the neologism, selfie…, useful here). The far larger human requirements don’t even make it to my resume.

Two strikes in the initiation game. I have one more strike. Hmm. What shall I try next. Those two strikes were blessings in disguise

There are too many ways to become sentimentalized on the way, and a naive leftist with eastern interests could easily be invultuated by a sufi conman, or a rightwing occultist. Wouldn’t the right love to control a marxist revolutionary? In fact, that’s the story of Hitler, a socialist of note. Everyone prattles about the non-dual but a practical case like this is beyond most new age chatterboxes.
It is not surprising, and no accident, the early modern left at the time of Marx/Engels, reacted with so much mistrust and hatred of religion, spiritual subjects, idealism, what to say of new age stuff. But times change, and the failures of historical materialism ask for a new form of neo-marxism, neo-communism, that can both communicate with and yet detach from ‘spiritual’ groups and crowds. The right balance between between Marx/Engels, and Lenin/Gandhi and much else, …
The dangers here are clear and ominous. Even a short discussion with a Gurjieff groupies shows the danger. Such people don’t even realize they are crypto-reactionaries: consider Ouspensky on the Code of Manu in his book on ‘spiritual evolution’. New Agers in the West are dangerous trojan horses for reactionary counterrevolution: they wish a world where class turns into a religious format. Truly anathema to the modern left.

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