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Last and First Men: Toward an ultra far left…meditating a ‘general liquidation’ sequence…

May 23rd, 2014 · 1 Comment

Last and First Men should be out next week. The website, as someone noted, is hard to read: low font size. I actually did it deliberately. Wait to read the text. The ‘gestalt’ is enough to start.

The issue of human evolution is at the core of a new communism. And that is not darwinism. There is one thing you won’t get away with: trying to graft darwinism onto a new communism (as proposed in LFM).
The path to mass murder on the left lay in the false embrance of darwinism by the generation of the Second Internationale. The sad part is that Marx’s first reaction to darwinism was negative. He saw at once the ideology. But I fear he was forced to demur.

It may be impossible to bring the old left to go beyond darwinism. In that case we must start over and ‘liquidate’ the old left. That’s a melodramatic pun (we h ave long redefined ‘liquidation’ here in a new ha-ha sense,use the search box for details). Haha, very funny Not so funny. But we need an ‘ultra far left’ because the old left is frozen now.

We are all too far gone for a new society: but we can plant the seeds for a future able to realize postcapitalism. It could be a long fight. Or, like the ancient Christianity overtaking the Roman Empire, a slow motion revolution from the catacombs. Communism was the religion (not quite the ‘ism’ we know of) Christ wanted but could not realize. And it is hopefully a way to knock the nonsense out of the Christain gibberish mind. We need a new way beyond religion and theology to the real thing that can fix the point for the future. If you are a member of the current abortion of Christianity in the Prosperity Gospels one should recommend quietly slipping away, disappear. When the new communists catch up with you they will show no mercy, I suspect. The black mass of Calvinist Christian capitalism is passing fast.
But it is not a question of ‘Jesus’ anymore. All that is long gone, despite a recent very good book on Jesus and Zen by Adyashanti. A leftist beyond ‘religion’ needs to be able to carry these passing entities of antiquity which aren’t going to disappear, and which can bring a multitude to the perspective of a new communism, theology or materialism beyond theology. We are out of time for religious quibbles. I think that secularists have to lead the way now, but there is no dogma to the effect that secularism is beyond religion. The basic tone of the old marxism is enough, without its dogmas.
Liquidation? We must hope to free the new communism from the old’s pattern of liquidating its class enemies. But this needs to be something intelligent enough to evade the stupid compromises that destroy the core idea. If the Gandhians can help here, can resolve the problem, let them do so, but not lose a day of reckoning as we run out of time on the capitalism front.
The question is very simple. The age of the birth of modern capitalism gave birth to the idea of what would come after it. Communism. For us, a new communism.
We can fight this for the next five centuries or we can get smart about life on this planet we share. We can lose this fight, and then the result will be like the movie Elysium, a cold portrait of the stark realities here. There are possibilities for technological solutions that will delay what I see as inevitable. But we must consider the clear possbility that capitalism has to come to an end. Let us hope that American stupidity will not too long delay the real hopes of humanity for a true Civilization for the first time. The Civil War was long delayed. The American Yankee Doodle revolution was a fraud that is now enslaving the world with a new imperialism. The last speeches of Lincoln seem relevant. Will we end by destroying the whole treasure of modernity’s economic sprees? Many billions on this planet have nothing to lose in the passing of capitalism. The capitalists can’t kill a billion people. So I think the left has won, already. But this is not license so far to jump the gun here and provoke the rapidly developing supertotalitarian system. We can study the past to see that these totalitarian empires were in fact vulnerable in the end. Terrorism is not the answer. Take heart and study the politicians, their lickspittles in the News, and the capitalists themselves. They know they are vulnerable and are hoping we won’t realize it.

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