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Red Fortyeight Group: Terrorism..topic tabled and put into lock down

May 27th, 2014 · 2 Comments


I received a private commuication about my rejection of terrorism a few posts back for a new communism. Be careful here: please don’t send me emails on this subject. The NSA is listening. If you need to consider this question put it on the web and send a link. How will you state your views then? A method is needed.

Any way, in this one case, I am willing to discuss the topic, first, because I am not a terrorist, and second because ‘terrorism’ is precisely the kind of issue destined for lock-down as a virtual potential issue in our Red 48 symbolism. from there we proceed to study the question, perhaps even study it to death. But I can already see the problem. This issue isn’t up to me. And the dark side here is confusing indeed. Saintly Gandhians preaching to the left with backup from Jesus sheparding his lambs should study (along with everyone else on the left) the history of terrorism. It wasn’t the wicked Bolsheviks who invented terrorism. It emerged in the early modern in the wars of the Reformation. On both sides, with the tacit blessings of the Popes. If that is the case then we are in trouble here. Not even news: the realm of Islamic terrorism is already a de facto standard. I can’t solve this problem: any position you take is either unhistorical error about history, or moral severity from the ethicists of modern activism, where non-violence seems to have gained a strong footing. The Islamic take here has completely befuddled the issue with theological exploitations of suicide as a tactic. We should give a swift goodbye to that. The theology stinks, applied to hapless devotees of Islamic religion.
In any case, we can table the issue in lock down in our Red 48 Group discussion zone, in the symbolism of an issue withdrawn to potential. The question would need a group of ethical leftists and military strategists, with set rules of war, and a chain of command. Watching movies on war in Hollywood versions it is obvious that military situations blend into terrorist incidents very seamlessly.

In any case, we can’t really discuss the issue online anymore, although as per above, it is marginally possible. Again, don’t send me ill-considered emails here.

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