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Harris, Jewish hatred of Xtianity, and the fight for the post-Xtian monopoly// toward a secular/religious culture of Genjus

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Harris, Jewish hatred of Xtianity, and the fight for the post-Xtian monopoly// toward a secular/religious culture of Genjus

It was the sage Osho/Rajneesh who pointed out the way Jews became so embittered at the way the religion they had worked so hard to create slipped away from them. The long gestation of Old Testament Israelite culture suddenly spawned the unexpected (if vaguely prophesied/predicted) onset of Xtianity. At first a beautiful combination of those who knew the ‘Jesus’ figure and blended with their older tradition, this onset prodigiously via figures such as Paul severed its connection with ‘Israetism’ which itself so severed and became post-Temple ‘Judaism’. But there was always a strange frustration in Jews that they were creators of something they no longer controlled. They ‘lost the business’, for good, and it got worse, given the rise of antisemitism. An historical puzzle.

But in modern times we see the replay of this game, as Jews aggressively try to take down Xtianity to propose a substitute they can control. It is an ugly business, and starts with Freud whose loathing of Xtianity was palpable and we see his attempt to ‘privatize religion’ by making it the lucrative psychotherapy business we see today, with religion on the block as some form of neurosis. We can see one aspect of the effort of many Jewish New Atheists, and beyond that a huge culture of Jewish dominated situations, discourses, and organizations. Up to a point who cares, but in the end the point is missed that while Xtians are besieged by secularists, many of them Jews, the substitute with Jewish leadership always ends up ambiguous because the result is a botch: the ‘category Jewish’ is Trojan horse for religion, without anyone realizing what is happening. Before you protest this as in some way antisemitic, consider that this Jewish effect has wrecked American democracy via the idiocy of the Jewish lobby, and produced after sixty years a really dreadful result in Israel, a truly hopeless mess. All because of the unreasonable obsession of Jews to control this geographical space.

This is pretty distasteful commentary, but I think the point is relevant, and points to a solution. In any case, we see the same impulse in figures like Harris. Atheism here is really Xtianity, but no mention is made of Jewish assimilation, that is, transcending a religious category. Now the new atheists are confronted with Buddhism which doesn’t quite match their situation, but a neutered Buddhism finally comes off the block. Given the fate of yoga, this phony wake up cult will prove very lucrative.

Still, I think Harris is slightly above this situation. He is stuck in it, but is tasteful enough to at least keep the subject within intelligent bounds, however unintelligent the basic confusion over ‘materialism’ and the ‘spiritual’.

Protest this all you wish, but you must then explain how non-Jews are supposed to relate to the modern abortion called Israel where they can’t even be equal citizens. You would think that a people as smart as the Jews could figure out ‘equality before the law’, but the evidence of Israel shows that is not so, quite baffling.

The solution is simple: Jews to lead post-Xtians must be assimilated, and the ground must be equal without that monstrosity: Jews are only that if born of a Jewish mother. The latter is possibly the most horrendous way to define a religion in world history, and yet the new atheists never monce protest it. It has driven more people to mental confusion, frenzied antisemtism, and bitterness against religion, than any other tactic.

I think the solution is coming on us in due order and we must soon see the situation in Israal reach a crisis, after which the whole game will slide into oblivion.
Osho/Rajneesh understood that he had to give all his followers new names so they could blend together. The result was a success. Other New Groups that have ignored this issue, and often enough handed their movements over to Jewish leadership have undermined the basis of their work.

I can’t really lay this charge on the New Atheists, but the effect is obviously there.

Why desttroy Xtinaity, by the way? It has the whole category of ‘waking up’ embedded in it from the beginning.

These questions are solving themselves the farther we get into modernity: Xtians are leaving their religions, and Jews are assimilating and the future will be soon be possible.

But all these efforts to destroy Xtianity to put in a substitute you control (and probably will make a business) are transparent at this point. Perhaps Harris himself thinks he is solving this problem, or what he conceives as a similar interpretation. Perhaps. The New Atheist cult stinks but it is not particulary malevolent. We can overreact. But it is hard to see how anyone would substitute the New Atheism for a complex religion like Xtianity.

In a few more generations Jews will have disappeared, Israel will be forgotten, and Xtians will be trying to figure their way into a new future. Psychoanalysis being too expensive has already fallen by the way side, and was so inferior event to Xtianity that finally people snapped out of it.

Xtianity could have a new future for a new age, and my thinking on the question of a revolutionary communist Xtianity, a Church of Munzer, points to a way a revolutionarh religious tradition could remake itself, quite obviously being required to transcend its legacy of antisemitism.

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