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Hey, is LFM really the result of commie whales in rocketships?

June 19th, 2014 · No Comments


Someone reading the Preface to LFM was wondering ‘what the…’ about the bit about whales in rocketships???

The official story is that alien commie whales in rocket ships passing earth told me to write a book on the subject of commmunism, well…
The unofficial story,suspicion on my part is that a communist sufi who wished to stay anonymous suggested a completely different take on the issue of communism. These are unconscious messages of some sort that pop into the conscious mind. Imaginary? Sufis, btw, have a secret lore about alien ‘fish beings’, whatever that is, ditto for Xtians with their Ichthus symbols. New Agers have often wondered: do sufis have contacts with alien civilizations?
My idea for LFM was of long standing, going back to the early nineties, but about three years ago I decided to go ahead, and got a lot of anonymous sendoff to actually bring it off. So now we know: there are sufi communists. Sufis are in search of some ‘secular’ vehicle for their future. Not surprising they wish to stay under cover.
As for the alien whales, we confront serious humor, but of a strange variety… I will simply tell you the ‘New Age’ rumor a la J.G.Bennett: the divine is veiled by the ‘existence’ of demiurgic powers (as in Plato’s idea, the source of the term ‘demiurge’, singular), the ‘heavenly host’ or angelic domain. The idea of ‘angels’ has been so trashed by ignorant Christians as to be unusable.
Bennett’s sense of interaction with the demiurgic realm, a realm of ‘existence’, btw, not of the supernatural, is related to the sense many scifi writers have of communicating with the future, or the other way around. The idea of the hyparxic future is similar to that of a ‘virtual future’, and seems to find an expression in the sense of something trying to form the future at the fork of possibilities.

I have a funny feeling the realm of exterrestrial life is getting in a panic at the gross failure of homo sapiens. They have no way to intervene, pace Bennett, save via the hyparchic future.

Well, who knows. I thought these ‘sea yarns’, also ‘c yarns’, would be interesting for the book, up to page ten…

To all the sufi stuffshirt reactionaries out there: there are communists in your midst! Eat it.

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