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Red Fortyeight Group: toward a post-‘theistic’ Xtianity as a revolutionary Munzerian Church

June 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Much of the confusion over religion results from the unreasonable confusion created over the ‘god’ concept by primitive abuse of the god concept, a form of ‘instant’ idolatry that arose almost from the start at the dawn of Axial Age monotheism.

I suspect the original view was related to the Near Eastern tradition of the ‘unspeakable names of divinity’, as seen in the evidence of the IHVH glyph, which pointed to a mystery, soon becoming the vulgar ‘monotheism’ of the Jehovah cult.
Xtians and Jews should begin to face the fact that they got monotheism wrong from the start and the result was religious simplification of polytheism reduced to one god. That explains many things, but at this point, it is almost too much for most Xtians to consider. The legacy of Judeo-Xtianity is unmatched for its abortive proliferation of theological muddle, and the prospect of a proposed Munzerian Church of Xtian communists seems to portend still more muddle.
I think the answers are fairly clear here: the legacy of Munzer is modernist, part of the Reformation, and can start with the Reformation’s perspectives, but it can also fastforward to the whole of the modern transition, via the English Civil War period, the American/French Revolutions, the era of German Classical philosophy through Feuerbach, and emerge as an abstract parallel to marxism with an Xtian ‘shell framework’ that can welcome all traditional Xtians of all views, but with a gestating version of neo-modernist (sic) secularism that is pledge to make ‘religion’ a vehicle for modernist secularism, something that exists already in all sorts of bungled formats, e.g. the New Atheism.
So, beside a near madhouse of traditional Xtians in a fellowship with shifty-eyed leftover marxist diehards, who will probably have a more realistic stance toward economic questions, given equal and opposite respect, the trend of the new Xtian Munzerians might be to adopt the original stance toward ‘non-utterance’ of the ‘god name’, as a pointing to the mystery IHVH. That would solve at one stroke millenia of near idiocy on the question of god. In fact a fully modern/secular form of post-religious discourse could easily challenge and yet at the same time evoke the enthusiasm of traditionalists by giving the framework a larger perspective of both modernity and known legacies of world religions, such as buddhism. These Xtians deserve our respect as those who ignited the war for modernity, the first glimmer of communism, the abolitionist movement, and a host of other modernity projects. The stern requirement for religion to move into the secular future will remain constant, but there is no simple way to categorize what that means, and we can clearly see that secular humanism wasn’t up to the task. We can see why: Xtian theology was a strange failure, but as we stand back and look at the legacies of the Axial period we see the real miracle and mystery that the religions outstanding sensed but without understanding, something deferred to a future age.

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