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The end of history meme…from New Republic to Last and First Men

June 28th, 2014 · No Comments


I am always unsure is something is a stealth response to my work, but whatever the case this article at New Republic is a useful tonic to introduce Last and First Men: I just sent them a review copy…
The era of 1989 put a near straightjacket on the marxist left, but after 2008 that condition is no more: we can see that the gist of marxism is not only not oudated but essential to proceed. But, that said, we must recreate the net equivalent of marxism and call it something else. That review and re-creation will ensure a pledge of non-repetition of Bolshevism and allow a new analysis appropriate to the times.

We need to see that the notion of the end of history was bogus, and Last and Frist Men goes through this in detail…

It is pity journals like New Republic are so snob-bound. They consider themselves too smart to deal with peons like me. A review of LFM would be of profit to everyone. A review copy is a waste of money with these once leftist now rightist deadbeats, but the gesture of a review copy (I find most copies end up at Amazon second hand stores, fine) is useful.

A new postmarxism is emerging and it will be a potent force.

The libertarian issue is a dead letter in the end, a holding pattern on the right. The left can create its own brand of libertarianism: a version of communism that allows a considerable autonomy in a post-totalitarian communism.

I think that once it is clear that capitalism will destroy a planet the job of creating a new communism will solve itself.

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