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To OWS: don’t pit me against Zizek/Badiou: I will reduce them to toast

June 29th, 2014 · No Comments

This essay is not without interest, but after in the week that my Last and First Men: Capitalism, Communism, and the End of History comes out, citing Badiou and his ‘Rebirth of History’strikes me as non-coincidental. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I get the message: the OWS doesn’t like me or my book.

Probably because it is non-Gandhian, or not Darwinian, or who knows with the OWS? I have linked to the OWS for two years once a day, without a single response, hello, or courtesy email. I often found that puzzling. But now I get the message: you are off my team because you are too chicken to take on the Darwin paradigm.

Meanwhile Badiou’s book is of some interest (it seems as if we must be borrowing the one from the other, not so: my ‘end of history’ thesis goes back to 2001, Badiou’s to, whatever…1968: it is the fruitfulness of the 1848 symbolism that is responsible).

I think my approach is superior because it really resolves the ‘end of history’ concept, while the ‘rebirth of history’ is an incoherent concept.

To the OWS: you are a bunch of nitwits, and I think your likely boycott of my Last and First Men is a lost opportunity.

Anyway, I hope that Badiou and Zizek will check out Last and First Men: times are achanging and the methods used in LFM are highly original and deserve study. Classical marxism is dead, nota bene.

Anyway, after two years of devoted support, this gang of clunkers has exhausted my respect and support, and I had thought a simple reference to my new book would be par for the course, but it is obvious this crowd is not worth my bother, a distraction. The OWS should stop living off its idiotic ‘success’ phase, and disband.

Last and First Men is of direct relevance to the plight of the OWS and the future of any kind of left.

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