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Unreasonable objections to critiques like LFM

June 29th, 2014 · No Comments

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/Chapter_2_LFM.pdf: The end of this chapter has a long discussion of the ‘end of history’ confusion, and this is helpful toward debriefing Fukuyama’s thesis. The latter is one of the most spectacularly successful propaganda swindles of the last two centuries, albeit given its long prior discussion in Kojeve et al. The way in which this went from left to right is still not properly told.
So it is important to expose the whole strategy, and I think LFM does the job, in a gist of analysis. The strategy is to expose the incoherence of the idea, then define it in terms of my historical model, thence to showing communism to be a more logical ‘end of history’.

The book, I can understand will get no coverage on the right: Fukuyama’s bullshit has plenty of enduring potency for the brain dead, if the propaganda budget is steadily funded. But I am surprised that the left will not even smirk at my contribution. No references online, no reviews, no exchange of emails, no comment of any kind. Total Orwellian blackout. I am puzzled. Sit down and read this book. It is not some form of evil, or a misdirection of analysis: it is a plain vanilla study of the nature of modernity, its dynamics, and the rise of the revolutionary left.
I fail to see the rationale for the kind of total anathema given by the likes of the Chomsky groupie set, the OWS anarchists, or the plain ordinary marxist left. This kind of reception is uncalled for. Really.
I think this shows the left is afraid, of losing its ideology, and in the process losing it by clinging to it. The whole field of marxism is studded with cliche effects, and the tenacious clinging to these puts anyone who attempts to even slightly criticize the field behind the wrath of a near ideological mob.

My strategy was a simple debriefing of historical materialism. That’s all. With a strong second for Marx/Engels beyond theory, in the realm of praxis.

I fear this situation is evidence of the need for a whole new left. From scratch. I have tried to outline the basics for that. Get on with it then. Take the critique in LFM and start over with the tactics proposed. Starting with marginalist theory. The marxist left has frozen in place with an ism that is no longer a winner, when the expose of neo-classical economics could be an explosive challenge to the current ideological status quo. But the left prefers to set up Marx cliches over and over again the object of gleeful debunking by the right.
Time for a sea change. If LFM can help, go for it.

People on the left need help from the left. But I won’t get it. This book will be banned from the library of Congress. Everyone on the left will refuse to buy a single copy. And copies that do persist the left will destroy. That is ugly and Orwellian.
But I think I will defeat you in the end. That’s the idea of the Ultra Far Left (check out the Pages at Redfortyeight.com)

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