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Red Fortyeight Group: the barricades of Paris…

July 1st, 2014 · No Comments

I hope I have not been unfair: the question of Category theory, as I have noted very late in the day, has often been subject to all sorts of philosophic predations, so I should be wary of singling out Badiou, and will try to read his book.
But I think that earlier warnings about the writings of the French left are confirmed in practice here: in one 24 period I have insulted the leftist French cadre, and my warning to be wary of French Leftist philosophy is more than born out. This arose from an impatience with the OWS group, but my impatience is unfounded: I ditched this movement a whille back after realizing its ‘cute’ futility, as a movement, a distraction. So if they are going to wolf down French philosophy, go for it.

On second thought, this transient hostility can clear the air and lead to some fruitful considerations of the French Left. The world revolution to echo 1848 should restart in the streets of Paris, so the accompanying tunes from Satre/Foucault to Badiou/Gileuze/Derrida don’t matter as philosophy: they matter very much as ‘tuning fork’ tonalities leading to the ‘last act’ of the world revolution, should it start in the Parisian field.

Having tossed a ‘cheap shot’ at Badiou, I will allow him a retort, with a hint at a possibility of a counterattack. Next post…!

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