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Internet IQ muddle, Jews and the early modern, and the denigration of Gentile intelligence in the Jewish ‘will to power’ game now suffering a flat tire.

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Leftist critics of ‘sociobiology and its descendants’ never get the issue straight and increasingly upstaged as the flood of internet literature on IQ goes on and on.
Koestler had an idea that points to the resolution, but unfortunately his framework of ‘race’ confused the issue. Set aside the race issue, and consider segments of populations with genetic variety.
One key issue here is the supposed superiority of Jews in intelligence. And various groups are implied basket cases as the dread measure slips below to eighty. I think that critics of this field are right, in general, but fail to see that a measure of something real does exist.
This superiority of Jews here, supposed, is a dangerous field of will to power issues for society and for Jews. A definite bias exists in society along meritocratic lines, but with no measure of the real issues. This has become a new form of discrimination. Some really unintelligent things are beginning to emerge here in this confusion over Jewish IQ.

It is small wonder that leftists go ballistic in this area and rightly point to a pseudoscience at work. But, unfortunately that doesn’t mean that fragments of pseudoscience can’t actually point to something that needs explanation. I think the abuse of IQ studies is rampant, but at the same time these studies need a better foundation in critique. And they need a more careful study. The claims of Koestler, for example, are of interest despite considerable challenge: there is some explanation needed for what is going on.
We have discussed this issue at length here, especially as it relates to Jews: http://darwiniana.com/2014/05/17/wades-muddle-of-micromacro/#more-121735

These posts have pointed out many times the dangers of confusing macro and micro, and of confusing IQ with evolutionary competition.

We have tried to show here many times that the measure of Jewish intelligence is off the mark in some way that makes the idea of IQ nonsense: look at the record of achievement of Jews and Gentiles in the early modern to the present:

the record of achievement of Gentiles in all areas far surpasses that of Jews until after the French Revolution, at which point Jews begin to move ahead in social achievement, business, hard science, and related fields. But at no point is the record of Jewish achievement a match for Gentile innovations. Gentiles completely dominate the fields of cultural innovation at the onset of modernity, from the Reformation, to science, to literature, music, philosophy. The ability of Jews as we see it now is therefore a puzzle: it is a ‘smartness’ in a second tier sense, and shows almost no seminal creativity or ability to resolve complex genius level issues.
At this point, so what. Be grateful for small blessings. This spectrum of Jewish ability is a very valuable one for modern society, as it pulls away from the early modern. But the current attempt by Jewish propagandists, cleverly disguised, to plant the suggestion of inferiority in gentiles is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The core abilities of many Gentiles with lesser IQs are thus being mismeasured, or not measured at all. They simply don’t show up on the IQ scale. We must suspect that the majority by far of the innovations of the early modern were accomplished by Gentiles with lower IQ coefficients. One has to ask at this point what the point of these tests is? It is a form of social domination in the making.
And I think that behind IQ lies the deeper measure of the ‘being’ level of individuals and cultures. That’s a hard thing to define, let alone measure. And already we see the dynamics changes in this nonsense of measure IQ. People who looked sluggish a century ago are more than starting to move ahead. So we have to wonder what these psychologists are really talking about. And this heavily promoted Jewish ‘boy we are smart’ mystique is being used to discriminate against many Gentiles with more sluggish but ultimately much deeper intelligence. The whole game is seen from the Mensa club idiocy where ‘smart’ people can repeat ten digit phone numbers back to a tester. Everyone else is stupid. But look at the larger picture: the Mensa types are almost never at the center of anything significant.
The point should be obvious from the history of modern music. Do we think Mozart could repeat ten digit phone numbers in an IQ test. I will bet he couldn’t but could visualize whole segments of music in a single glimpse. I have to wonder if such ability would even show up on an IQ test. Mozart is a good case, because he seems obviously both intelligent and creative. I have no idea, but I think in general musicians as a group would probably not even show up on IQ tests. Prove me wrong here, of course, but the more general point is clear that complex harmonies of brain, culture, education, native ability, and balanced study switch on intelligence advances resulting in creative contributions, where an IQ test might have crippled such a person. The whole game operates by other rules.
And I think that the issue of Jews is still misunderstood. Koestler’s ideas are onto something, despite the problems with that research. It seems that the Israelites were not the smart people we see today. Somewhere they created a judicious hybrid of peoples that made them shoot ahead. There is an obvious explanation here: the relatively low IQ measure of Germans is totally misleading. Germans have surpassed all other modern peoples in innovations. Their record is stunning. It makes no sense to put Jews ten points ahead of Germans. By comparison the Jewish achievement is ragged. The Yiddish blend we see in modern Jews is a judicious blend of the hidden German or Northern European intelligence factor. But it has obviously failed to fully bring Jews to the level we see in the early modern. In any case, the suspicion is strong that, as Koestler suspected, Jews in the Ashkhenazi line were some kind of jumpstarted population group that began to surge in the wake of the early modern, but only in the midtier levels of science, economy, etc… We can be grateful even so for this gift of small things.
You can see the problem if you study modern science cadres. These people equate modernity, intelligence, and progress with science education and allegiance. Such students narrow their gaze to a thin track of specialized study, and excel along that spectrum. But what is the result? Such scientists are often called ‘scince jocks’ for a reason: they are stupid beyond the narrow field of scientific specialization.
We know this must be true: the entire cadre of modern science can’t figure why there is a problem with Darwinism. Even lowly religious figures, close to idiocy in their own creationist muddle, can see at once that something is wrong in the darwinian paradigm. What a joke on those who preen their IQ feathers.

I think therefore we can’t fully reject IQ measures, but something is truly awry in IQ land.
It is time to lay out the key passages from Nietzsche that prompt many modern Jews to think they are an evolutionary vanguard, one getting ready for Nietsche’s hidden kicker, the nerve to play superman via higher intelligence, etc, blah blah: next stop mass genocide. That you can get it as wrong as those German overman candidates is a warning that the issue isn’t intelligence of the kind we think we understand. The Germans, and now the Jews seem on a round trip to smart and back again to stupid. The same trap the Germans fell into. We can dismiss this fantasy as clearly absurd given the evidence of Israel, where the temptation to Nietzchean ethics here is clearly dripping out…It will never happen that way, either in Germans or Jews… Forget that pipedream.

The evolutionary path to a new man is unknown and doesn’t follow eugenic rules.

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