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Last and First Men: a long way to go before man becomes…well, homo sapiens

July 6th, 2014 · No Comments

The previous post asks for an escape hatch into evolutionary sanity: I hope that Last and First Men can provide it, as a bare starting point that is one step beyond Darwinism. Despite all the hype over IQ the fact remains, as far as we can tell, that homo sapiens as a whole is still insufficiently intelligent to grasp his own evolution, and this makes theories like that of Darwin dangerous delusions in the economic play of social darwinism. We have see already one eugenic calamity based on Darwin. Israel shows another, one that never even got off the ground, a dud of regressive intelligence. We need a new left beyond darwinism to put the issues into a holding pattern until understanding can be found to the issue of human evolution. The scifi of Stapleton’s “Last and First Men” warns us that this can’t happen overnight. Barring that the chatter of ‘scientific’ evolutonists is hiding a dangerous impulse to mass murder in the name of Nietzchean will to power to…evolve? Are you kidding? The German example is especially telling because it shows the risk of regression using Darwinian concepts. Now a lot of modern Jews have also bitten on the Nietzschean bait, that trick to tempt the unwary, and unintelligent, to a step backwards into evolutionary oblivion.

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