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Last and First: the left and ‘evolutionary science’

July 7th, 2014 · No Comments

The critque of Darwinism in LFM will doom the sales of the book but I think nonetheless the point is sinking in that a new left is needed and that requires also a postdarwinian outlook.
This is too much for most leftists in the Marx zone. But I think the point will sink in.

I am not sure, however, why it is so hard to challenge Darwinism. People will sell their mother in slavery before they will challenge Darwinism. Why is that? No real scientific field allows such behavior. Muddled creationists have seen the flaws in Darwin’s theory. But the world’s best physicists at the Cern Lab haven’t a clue.
But in the case of evolution heavy agendas are at work. And the issue of evolution as science is not clear. Part of the subject is obviously within the domain of science, but it impinges on larger issues that are intractable for science. The evolution of ethis is mechanized by scientific analysis. But that approach is an obvious failure: ethic behavior/evolution can be reduced to value-free mechanism. In this failure of science the left may be able to help out with an exodus from scientism.
Marxism is stuck in the worst form of nineteenth century positivism. How could a man as smart as Marx allow this to happen, especially after the spectacular period of German philosophy. There’s one reason: the anti-Hegelian reaction was so severe it plunged into scientism.
In general the left needs to stand witness to current science, where it is ideological, as is evolutionism. And ditto for economic theory which uses advanced mathematics to confuse the issues.

I think LFM has a combination of elements every leftist should take on in consideration. People willing to take on marxism with two years of work and no prospect of reception on the left and not many in number. You won’t soon get a second chance here, as the cadre of braindead histomat idiots enforces a boycott on innovation of this kind. Critics will simply abandon the field to the closed minds in charge. The left is losing an immense field of talent to deadbeats.
You can simply download the material and put it under consideration. It may dawn on you that at a moment of crisis the left is not ready with anything.

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