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What Buddhism and Psychotherapy Are Learning From Each Other // Buddhism is not a therapy or a mindfulness training

July 7th, 2014 · No Comments


The creation of psychoanalysis by Freud was a strange development: heralded as a phase of the Enlightnment, it rapidly became a disillusioning confusion of theory, of overpriced therapies, psychological harm done by transference, and finally a cultural albatross stuck with a Freud newly discovered to be dishonest. Finally people said, enough, but Freud’s legacy finally remorphed into a host of successors.
Here we should distinguish the work of therapists in relation to crisis treatment, and many other such essential tasks. I have observed at close hand the moment when schizophrenic break point lands people in clinics to be treated by psychiatrists. I must judge that separately from the therapy business. But the overall ‘psychological therapy’ world is a bogus form of overpriced emotional venting based on very poor methodology and theory. And it can be very destructive, the tansference process a risk that too often harms the victim who can’t figure out what happened to him.

The blend of therapy and buddhism then is a somewhat ominous development, but ominous how, the bad omen has already seen its false future.

You need to choose: buddhism is the path to enlightenment. It is not a business, a counselling racket, a service by a professional requiring a fee, or an exploration of emotions and feelings. To link the two is a way to meet the challenge of the real buddhism which is threatening to therapists suddenly seen to be comedy figures, and clipjoint operators.
Many will disagree here. The nature of therapy can be explored on its own terms. But the hybrid with buddhism is going to be false. And we see the damage done already with the attempts to force transference insecurity into a denunction of a spiritual path: we see more generally the attempts to destroy the real buddhism and make it well behaved farce that won’t challenge the lucrativbe therapy business. Many of the people who performed this feat of destroying buddhism were graduates of therapies where transference was used to make the therapists authority pull rank on buddhism. Don’t believe it? Check it out carefully.
And a person on a path should not, and dare not share occult or other experiences with outsiders who will denounce spiritual confusion here as clinical paranoia.

The question is simple: on the path to buddhism skip therapy, and make sure you avoid clipjoint buddhism matched to reductionist scientism that will try to flatten out buddhist enlightenment with a false substitute. Who cares if you are neurotic. It might remind you of the real way.
Therapy can have any number of uses I am unaware of, and in any case I am hardly in a position to judge. But a real buddha/yogi is supremely alone and desperate, a beggar near the skidrow of samsaric civilization. Therapists are high priced suburbanites, and financial vampires. A travelling buddha will be too broke anyway to afford with these hucksters.
I must have missed something. Women, it appears, thrive in this world and are taking it over. Men like me recoil at the first step and never show up again.
Noone seems to consider the fact that religions are designed to be ‘free’ in the public domain. To mix them with the neurosis therapies of the rich elite is close to prostituion.

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