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Mission accomplished…

July 12th, 2014 · No Comments

I have just ditched my leftist new age project at The Gurdjieff Con.
Osho sannyasins are too stuck in New Age capitalism to be worth the bother.
They are certainly worth the bother, but not from me. I can’t afford to go to India to argue with the future of Oshoism. A pity: an opportunity emerged here and passed away.

And, with Last and First Men on the table, I have done what I was requested to do (cf. The Preface to LFM).
It is very hard to proceed here: the left must challenge darwinism, for example, but the one thing you can’t do is challenge darwinism. It gets worse when you add a challenge to classic marxism, have to deal with figures like Zizek, and end up in double attacks from materialists and spiritualists.

But let me say that I knew that would happen with LFM, and was determined to proceed anyway. The left as current is not functional. Between the OWS which is in permanent neutral, and Zizekian fantasy land, time is running out for the left. Some desperate people suggested trying to upstage the current scene. But I can’t do that while trying to set the record straight on darwinism, historical materialism, Zizek and his Hegelian diarrhea, and the rest of it. I think that a book in the public domain, however, will permanently unnerve the ossified cadre.
As the critique sinks in, the marxist left just might be able to change course. We are out of time. We need simple statements on economy, ideology, history, evolution, and revolutionary tactics. The problem is that Leninism is not going to hack it. I admire Lenin and his context, but the Russian revolution has no second coming. We need a new theory of revolution, of communism, of liberalism/rights, and a way to make it clear in principle and in fact that communism is trying to achieve real democracy. The legacy marxists are all doomed to the Stalinist options, and the whole game goes into shutdown if that is the case.

LFM offers:
a way past marxist cliches
a way past darwinism/social darwinism
a bypass on Marx’s fragile theories
a critique of historical materialism
a focus on debriefing marginalist economics
a new strategy of exposing economic ideology
a new perspective on evolutionism
an analysis of world history to replace historical materialism
a generalized framework beyond material/spiritual distinctions
a study of the Axial Age and the place of religion in world history
an analysis of the end of history ideology and its expose, with a better model to explain its significance
and much more…

I think that this project deserved more than total boycott, no reviews, rejection of email communications, total hatred…
But I knew this would happen, but was advised to proceed anyway.

Now I am done, and must move one. To the left I would say, you are in trouble if you reject all efforts to innovate. The only other solution is a fight to the finish for leftist supremacy, which is likely to feed Stalinism.
But if the global crisis continues something like that will emerge. But, nota bene, it can’t succeed with an unchanged marxist legacy. And the Zizek phenomenon is bullshit. It can’t help. Dialectical materialism and psychoanalysis are the two dodos of the twentieth century. It may work as a cult for groupies, but the current system is too complex for such nonsense. It is essential to move on.

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