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Deliberations on the radical church of Munzerian communist Xtianity…an Xtianity without ‘god’ nonsense

July 13th, 2014 · 1 Comment

We have shown occasion to dwell on an Xtian innovation, the legacy of Munzer with respect to Xtianity and communism. In a period of radical critique of Xtianity by aggressive debunkers of religion (generally too incompetent to really make their point) this gesture seems inappropriate. Perhaps, but if you look at the Preface to Last and First Men,https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/Preface_LFM2.pdf, you see the idea of a virtual church: taken in that sense, at least ( a real such church is entirely apt), the idea is an invaluable gedanken experiment that will tell you something about a forgotten side to Xtianity and the early modern, and a reminder that the conservative Calvinist connection to capitalism is at most a dialectical mirror phenomenon. The failure of Xtians to develop this strain of their church is a deep failure, especially now when Xtianity is aborting in the form of the Prosperity churches (maybe nothing new, condemning the poor to hell is not a new invention on the right).
I think Xtianity has one last manifestation: a vehicle to lead beyond capitalist culture to a new world of Munzer’s prophecy. Such a church should be aggressive and ‘in your face’ in its theology, churching, and social gospel.
But it can also remain a useful idea for a leftist who needs to get past historical materialism to some kind of evaluation of religion.
This is not an attempt to ‘trojan horse’ the god cults into the left. In fact a Munzerian church needs to produce a radical understanding of the ‘god’ legacy of theological hallucination: the glyph IHVH, and the reserve to refrain from references to ‘god’, were the original, and a sunset Xtianity might return to that deeper tradition on its way to a future modernity.

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