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Lacan on the way to Zizek

July 13th, 2014 · No Comments

The Art of Darkness
on July 7, 2014 • ( 322 )
by Maarten Boudry
In some circles, the writings of Jacques Lacan are revered as a source of deep insight into the human psyche and the nature of language and reality. In saner quarters, however, the French psychiatrist is denounced as an intellectual charlatan: a purveyor of obscure and impenetrable nonsense. Lacan was one of the prime targets of Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont’s Intellectual Impostors, the book-length criticism of postmodern nonsense that followed the famous hoax that Sokal perpetrated on the journal Social Text [1].

In moving to evaluate Zizek in the wake of writing Last and First Men I looked at Badiou, to find, in some alarm, a metaphysical discussion of homological algebra. This unnerving situation led to some fear that the next case, Lacan, Zizek’s other monument, would show analogous tendencies. This piece from Scientia Salon more than confirmed my fears.

As this point, my judgement on Zizek is already marred with two black marks. I will see if this is a token of something in Zizek also!!

I am almost condemned to being a debunker at this point, with Zizek: his writing grace a whole cult, but from what I have read we are in trouble, at risk of a climactic moment for baloney after the Prelude and Introit of Badiou and Lacan.

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