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Can a radical Xtianity dispense with ‘god gibberish’

July 14th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Having proposed a form of Xtian religon on the far left, the question arises, do I believe my own formulation? Actually, not quite, and that’s not hypocrisy: I am tring to make Xtians realize they must radicalize their religion for it to survive. So my job is to give some suggestions for a new approach. It’s you move here. I won’t be around to help if the retrograde Xtianity now current falters and disappears,

For myself, I would recommend some extreme measures. The New Atheists are completely confused, but they are right to be frustrated with Xtian behavior on the issue as fundamental as ‘god talk’. Observe Xtians in action here: their ‘god reference’ behavior is disgraceful, idolatrous, infantile, if not blasphemous. The Santa Claus/Xmas brands of Xtian idiocy are almost too pitiful to think about: simply ditch this religion and quitely be on your way. The only safe outcome here is to shut on god, by becoming a new atheist if necessary. But the new atheists are simply another stage of Xtian confusion, in disguise.
To be clear, it is not for me to judge this situation: considerable spiritual powers have simply tolerated this situation to serve their own aims. But at some point the whole thing is going to go bankrupt.
It is thus, ironically, entirely possible for there to be an ‘atheist’ Xtianity. The term ‘atheist’ has shifted its meaning: it is not a disbelief in god, but a realization that ‘god’ is beyond discourse, a point made by the Israelites, and the people who influenced them in the Middle East: the protocal of refraining for abusing the ‘names of god’. To stop using/abusing the term ‘god’, using indirect reference perhaps, IHVH, is a perfectly good form of atheism and it doesn’t really contradict ‘theism’, etc…

I think unfortunately that Xtians are going to run out of time. Xtian stupidity isn’t going to last much longer into the new era. I think that the new atheism is the same stupidity all over again. So the outcome here is really unclear.

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