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Greenwald’s $200 million sellout, versus a book that can’t afford a $100 press release….Orwell indeed

July 14th, 2014 · No Comments


We have discussed the Orwellian character of much modern thought, quite outside of the question of Bolshevik versions that inspired Orwell. The modern Darwinian paradigm is distinctly Orwellian, and generally most ideological groups show this character, e.g. the current left/marxist group. Think not? I have just written a book on communism, the left, revoution, marxism, and much else. Because of various dissents from the group ideology the Orwellian curtain falls with a vengeance: these groups will terminate all communication whatsover: you don’t exist. I find that bizarre: a sign that such groups are actually failing and have to isolate themselves from dissent.

My frustration with the Greenwald caper is related, but differently: by accepting so much money from an suspect source Greenwald lost his credibility completely.

And it is totally unfair: $200 million to Greenwald, for what? Clearly there are strings attached, from the right, but we don’t see them at first.

My dismay here is also personal: I have a good leftist product in LFM: it deserves a little help. I can’t afford a simple press release for a $100, while these sellouts get two hundred million. A lesson in ideology and domination.

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