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Guerilla publishing: In evolution, only self-published books can be trusted….? Ditto for books on the left?

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The constraints on authors set by the publishing world constitute a very rigorous form of control and this quite obviously is a de facto control or censorship of what is or can be published.

The texts of WHEE, DMR (Descent of Man Revisited) and LFM (Last and First Men) would probably not have found publishers in either mainstream or leftist publishing circles (Verso, etc) and yet they both constitute a revolution in both evolutionary and leftist/communist literature/discourse.
The means to this lies in the publishing revolution allowing self-publishing, or publishing from micro-imprints as “business name’ on small LLC’s. The composition of books can be automated by the author as Adobe PDF documents in turn set up for quite small sums by companies such as Ingram’s Lightning Source Print on Demand. The humble Word software can serve as a supercheap vehicle, or, much better, such now becoming popular SW packages such as Adobe’s Indesign, which allows book formats by amateurs that are actually superior to those of the big houses (which can’t afford the detailed construction of books via artistic concentration possible to a self-employed amateur: cf. the Public Domain images in DMR: it would be immensely expensive for a big published to pay a designer by the hour to do the work, three to four hundred hours).
The prejudice against self-published works is rapidly changing to its opposite: all books on evolution, or leftism, that are published/controlled by large publishers are immediately suspect as ‘controlled pen’ productions: the author, aware of the constraints unstated on opinion, self-censor to obtain the services of publishers.

Such books in many fields are immediately suspect of bias, and the sudden explosion of new perspectives in e.g. Descent of Man Revisited more than shows by comparison the self-censorship of evolution books.

The larger problem of publicity remains, but this will change as the public begins to learn and understand the way big publishers, and, of course, academic/scientific selection processes and review, essentially control opinion and ideology, e.g. with Darwinism, where control is almost total and even the self-published books have a hard time gaining publicity. But one of the first POD books in the period 1999 was a critique of darwinism, and this was one instance of the revolution in the challenges to the Darwin Propaganda Machine made possible by ‘liberated publishing’. This is the one situation the elite powers that be, and that certainly those on the left, fear, because their control disappears. Of course, the publicity process still remains under control, but a reasonable budget of several thousand dollars (unaffordable for the DMR, LFM pub cycles), not too unreasonable for at least some selfpublishers could provide a reasonable alternative to the rigidly controlled publicity avenues monopolized by big outfits.

But even without publicity, a simple email service can be used to issue PR’s to all the major publishers/news outlets/review mags ‘by hand’, cf. the simple tactic of emailing the orgs listed to the left of the Arts and Letters webpage: in one hour an email PR can be sent to a hundred outlets, at no cost.

So the day has come for the status of leftist and evolutionary texts to be judged in the negative is they are produced by big orgs. To trust the judgment of the author as free of self-censorship they should first be produced solo in the manner suggested above.

Marcus on Self-publishing is one reasonable book on this revolution, marred by its sole emphasis on Word: the game is rapidly changing and Adobe Indesign is becoming the new Word (and you can rent the software for $19 a year). Marcus’s book is already five years old, and it is worth exploring the huge marketlist for such books (9 out of ten are worthless) via Amazon links to check out the rapidly changing technology (there may be something better already).

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