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Ms. Klein: too expensive …

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments


The cost of books intended for activists is a telling symptom of–I will leave that to a reader here to finish the statement.

We discussed yesterday the way that the book revolution has changed the game for rebels: we can produce books at a fraction of the cost, and create a free literature on the whole spectrum of subjects needed for a revolutionary left. We should therefore be suspicious at once when the price of books by celebrity leftists is set by publishers aiming to exploit that celebrity.

A 385 page book via POD should be viable at under twelve dollars 0r so, with a 30 cent royalty per book (check the price calculator at Lightening Source, you have to register and invent a hypothetical book with an ISBN). So the price set at $21 is not too bad, until you see a better alternative future opening up. The Kindle can go at $2.99 and any serious leftist from now on should be producing free PDF versions or selections of their books. I live on food stamps, and simply don’t buy $21 dollar books anymore, unless very special and can borrow money from a relative. I do buy a lot of books at Amazon: you can get an incredible list of books for less than the postage.
This is the standard I set for myself and I don’t exempt others, from now on. It is not an extravagant perspective. I am not going to add to my outstanding credit card debt to buy a book by Naomi Klein. That’s my only option, btw.
Financing the books I needed for LFM added up to a lot of debt (I am away from my alma mater university library in New York, with its priceless resources for graduates)
Verdict, immediate boycott, tho not a hard one: the book will soon go for not much at Amazon second hand.
I have to wonder if Ms. Klein needs the money. I blame the publishers here, of course. They are set to make a bundle from a celebrity.
The links below show what I am talking about.


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