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Two totalitarianisms and a third option…are Iphone idiots hopeless cases?

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

The presentation of the idea of a New Communism is closely related to the danger of rising authoritarianism, and is, or can be, a measure of self-defense against an unfolding situation.

We have two terrible choices looking for a third: totalitarian capitalism or totalitarian communism. We can reject the latter on the basis of democratic enthusiasm only to find that we have lost any place in the system and the middle class is destroyed, labor rights destroyed, and a basically fascist system takes control.
Keep in mind where your Iphones come from: a system of totalitarian capitalism already in effect in–no, not the US, but China, an economic colony of American capital, which has basically destroyed the American working class via globalization to recreate a world with a passive labor force. So totalitarian capitalism is already the case, and growing. This example shows the way our thinking must transcend nationalistic categories and the way that thinking of the American system and its reform misses the point. The centre of gravity of power has shifted…And, by the way, the Coltan mines in Eastern Congo are another concealed zone of TC, totalitarian capitalism. This system is suspiciously connected to a program of genocide in that region of the global extraction system.
The legacy of Bolshevism has appeared to undermine any other possibility save in a situation of severe crisis allowing a revolutionary take-over from the left, the result being a stronger totalitarian system.
Thus, general opinion tends to repudiate the ‘communist’ alternative. But we have not seen the insidious undermining of democracy in a classic exemplar such as the American. The nature of the alternatives is shifting.

We must redefine communism as both an economic revolution and a democratic reestablishment. This third alternative could take many forms, so we should begin to consider this new spectrum of possibilities. Here marxism is a starting point, and a discipline to think critically, but we should move past its now frozen concepts to a fresh interpretation of communism, which now must be a means to the creation of a robust set of economic rights, a Commons that can receive the property nexus of elite/fascist capitalism, and an international system that can resolve the globalization crisis, the climate crisis, and create a new international system. Not so simple, so we revert to Choices 1, and 2, with totalitarian capitalism emerging rapidly behind a democratic front. Observe how within the space of a decade the issue of torture has been refixed in the conditioning system of the American elite. Anyone who is old enough to recall the age of liberalism is shocked at the speed of this development. A closer look shows that in this writer’s youth in the sixties onward the problem was already well under way.

This is the point of Last and First Men, and I think that the core consideration at this point is to at least be on the way to a consideration, at least, of a New Communism, with a set of ready programs to initiate on the left.

There is nothing in the current left that can deal with this coming crisis, although a complete remorphing of marxism, staying true to it spirit is one start, as LFM shows with a demo of a post-marxism.

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