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Surviving the Darwin/Wallace expose…

July 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

Wallace, Darwin, and the Origin of Species Hardcover – May 12, 2014
by James T. Costa

Still another attempt to deal with the ‘Darwin Conspiracy’, with stealth asphyxiation via scholarly understatement.
This book, at least, cites Brackman, Brooks, and Davies, whose The Darwin Conspiracy has been extensively cited here.

http://darwiniana.com/?s=darwin+conspiracy: The Darwin Conspiracy.

I am not sure why these scholars won’t just give up and admit the truth about the Darwin/Wallace plagiarism issue.
If you restate the issues with bland language, the lie can persist. And it will persist, until still another author tries to do justice to Wallace. Here a diversionary tactic seems at work: finally confronting the problem head on, and then keeping it comprehensible via low-key scholarly blah/blah.

When scholars refer to Wallace as an unsung hero, etc…we should beware: it is a clever way to downplay Wallace. Certainly Wallace is less famous than Darwin, but he is very well known all around. This tactic of keeping Wallace out of view is a clever swindle. Almost anyone who studies evolution knows about Wallace. Trying to make him into the status of forgotten all over again seems the way to go.

Let me state my view, via Brackman/Davies: Darwin plagiarized the key elements of his theory from Darwin. The evidence is clear from Roy Davies’ book

Wallace is not an unsung hero. He is widely known, and to a close look the real source of the theory of Darwin.

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