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Onset of the ‘world religion’ promoters…

July 24th, 2014 · 2 Comments

We in the middle of a maelstrom of confusion, between science, religion, politics, capitalism, globalization, and the faultline of scientism. Last and First Men tries to probe this zone of chaos, which will prove the undoing of our current civilization. The model of history in LFM can be of some use in trying to bridge these confusions.
It is sad but true that science as we know can’t really deal with our situation. Look at the post today on Harris and ethics. A civilization that put a man on the moon can’t deal with the issue of free will or ethics.
Science is going going to try anyway to be the master of man, and in the New Atheist movement we can see the kind of artificial ‘religions’ about to be created to replace the legacy religions of the Axial Age. The competition in the New Age movement is going to be an equal and opposite set of confusions.

The Preface to LFM tries to troubleshoot some exotic issues in the hope of creating a larger domain of discourse than ‘historical materialism’. But marxists are remarkably dogmatic and almost totally closed around just the kind of religion of scientism now being recreated by the New Atheists. You would think they would learn from the failure of marxism.
This is the early phase of what will be an attempt to renew the legacy of religion for a global context, for better or worse…


The left is trying to replace religion with historical materialism. It can hardly hope to succeed. In reality it needs to ‘get religion in a hurry’. But for such an endeavor haste would be the worst approach. As the blog Darwiniana suggested, the solution is to initiate the ‘virtual church of the Holy Brick’, trowel and mortar ready for the t-0 moment of the ‘foundation stone’, with a Cancel button to the right of the high altar. Bad religions are dime a dozen. Be prepared to hit Cancel and try again. Pause and reflect, forever…That moment can be endlessly delayed to the far future as with the waiting of Sheherezade. All that is needed to bypass religious fanatics is a project of historical study of religious history and anthropology, a neutral dialectic beyond material/spiritual, but with, not a spiritual faith, but a spiritual hypothesis, a project of meditation in action, and a robust Kantian before Hegelian critique of metaphysics. As Hegel noted, the secular conclusion to the Reformation was German Classical philosophy, a useful resource, and ‘tavern of ruin’ in the sufi phrase. A spot of evolutionary science fiction might help, to see that homo sapiens emerged into a real yet still primitive spiritual state. All this is connected to the ‘hyparchic’ future which leads the tales of Sheherezade in a virtual conclusion…Or something to that effect. Christians spoke most cleverly with a ‘revolutionary’ political metaphor of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, mysteriously guided from the virtual future to…that final theocratic realization in time of a universal church. Perhaps that temporal realization of the ending was false. But the simple mechanics of this movement visible over time is spectacular, and a format with infinite potential: a secular version comes with a simple reshuffle of the deck. This ‘religion’ thus already exists and is already the case for the ‘prophetic eschatological’ left, now converging on a global Commune in a phase of postcapitalism.
Mix the mortar or press ‘Cancel’

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