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Repairing the wreckage of secularism

July 26th, 2014 · No Comments

Preface & Introduction to LFM

Instead of a movement based on atheism, a new ‘secular’ ideology needs a larger perspective than than of dogmatic anti-Xtianity or anti-religion. The creation of secularism has been warped by the contracted botch of secular humanism. We can settle the question of ‘god’ at once: it is impossible to arrive at any sense of the question: atheism is as incoherent as theism. So the attempt to force the issue toward atheism is not going to work.

Last and First Men adopts a much more general approach, one that can deal with the issues of religion, secularism, socialism/communism, economics and the whole spectrum of issues that enter into the modern ‘transition’.
The abandonment of figures like Kant for the oversimplifications of scientism is going to cripple the secular culture with a new set of fanatics like Harris and Dawkins.

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