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Gaza and the death of the Jewish idea of Israel

July 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Debates over Israel’s right to exist have tended to backfire: after two generations, the question is as provocative, and relevant, as ever, but it is probable in some form a lost cause.
There is a much more obvious critical spectrum to invoke, looking once again at the Israeli havoc wrought in Gaza: what’s the point anymore? The Jewish idea, and ideal, id dead, and very deadly.
I think in fact this reality is part of the problem: more and more Jews are sensibly simply dropping the Jewish culture they carry and moving on into a new future.

I think that is the point: the Jewish idea, which may be a gravy train for ‘culture Jews’ in an elite economic category (exploitative), has died a sordid death as a gang of “Jewish” superidiots carry out the calculations of claiming a special relationship with god. It is still hard to believe that after sixty years of the founding of Israel the implications created by these superidiots are a society violating equal rights. Beyond that the implicit destruction of American politics is almost beyond belief. How could this have happened.

I think that in such a series of lost causes we need a fairly drastic solution. How about a one state solution comprising Isreal, Gaza, Palestine, and I think it would be worth considering Lebanon, Jordan, in that mix.

The idea of a Jewish state is dead. Completely. So ‘Jews’ in Israel must either learn to live in a state of equality before the law, or emigrate. It is almost impossible to understand how a people as intelligent as the Jews could be making such a mess as they have made in Israel.

It is egregious to argue over the right of Israel to exist. But it is clear that the whole venture was/is a mistake. The Jewish idea of Israel is dead. That means dead. That means something else needs to come to the fore to resolve its future.

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