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The brain dead marxist left shows its true colors

July 27th, 2014 · No Comments


Last and First and First Men may have faults, or be mistaken in some of its perspectives, but nothing in the book that I can see makes it deserve the kind of total boycott it has seen since it came out in May. And that boycott is total: marxists won’t even exchange an email.
Be forewarned. This behavior is the real reason is stuck in place. Anyone who tries to move in and become an associate ends up an enemy of these
The current left is almost totally stuck in the past, and has a crypto-Stalinist mindset that dominates the discussion, at the least making people afraid to encompass even moderate dissent as we wee it in LFM.
If a book is a bad one, leftists would say so and criticize the result: not here, total orwellian silence is the only tactic.
I foresaw this from the start, and determined to proceed anyway: the issue is simple: a new left needs to come into being around the ideas of a new communism as postcapitalism. If the old left is too rigid, bypass it and start over.

I think that in any case the boycott has failed: a huge number of readers of the online version has made the older marxism start to slip in place. The issue is not compromise: if anything we need a more radical communism that can recreate a postcapitalist society and economy.

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