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The shame of Americans with respect to Israel and the end of the American political system

July 27th, 2014 · No Comments

The behavior of Jews is one thing, but the sheer cowardice of the American spectrum of culture from liberal/religious to left-liberal (but not in general the left) is something almost grotesque in its lickspittle fawning toward what can only be called the new culture of Israeli gorillas, a new breed of artificially manufactured ‘jew’ whose Frankenstein creators goofed badly in taking a group of exceptional intelligent Jews and turning them into a militarized dumbheads programmed to the worst form of territorial behaviorism. The Americans who are intimidated into the reign of silence are a pathetic lot, at the end of a pathetic end to American democracy. It is time to confront the liberal sector of these lickspittles, we can throw up our hands and forget the religious right here: American democracy is essentially over at this point. Protest is moving toward revolutionary demands, and about a larger question than this sordid Jewish sideshow.
What are you going to do about it?

It is absolutely time for intelligent Jews to assimilate as soon as possible: the core Jewish idea has turned into poison. The New Atheists, not surprisingly challenge traditional Xtianity, but Judaism they leave alone for the most part. And they omit to point out that Jewish identity is a religious category, one that is wreaking havoc in the ambiguity of religious/secular Jews. We should be clear about this: secular jews, so-called, perpetuate the framework of Jewish domination that we see, and the result is almost worse than that of the religious jews.

We need to see a large and growing culture of Genjus, a call for Gentile leadership in religion, New Age, political/leftist organizations (jews can be sidelined very usefully as ‘consultants’), and a strong protest at the prejudice, ethnocentric bias, and (closing on the genocidal) increasing virulence of Jewish identity culture.
The American system is large, and the right medium for this ‘meltdown’ and New Exodus. The economic domination of Jews is a tough one: we need to bypass that issue, and allow an exit strategy for jews into the broader cultural mixer. I think that the issue in smaller countries was traumatic for those in that situation, but the US is a massive system, and can withstand the attempted domination, if any, beyond the economic dissolution of the traditional categories of immigrants.
Meanwhile, Americans must without delay to bring to the question of Israel fairness, objectivity, and the courage to protest to this idiotic, unnecessary, and completely destructive system dominated, it seems, by the Jewish lobby, etc… The jewish ‘right to exist’ in a state that recognizes only Jews is an anomalous abortion of politics. Americans must be the ones to put a stop to this madness of Jewish religious insanity.

The great American system is going going, almost gone, and the context of American Jewish culture will make future men wince at the swindle they allowed to happen in the name of philosemitism qua the Holocaust.

It’s over when it’s over, and if it isn’t yet over, you disappear up your own asshole as you exit history.

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