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Harris’ provocative hypocrisy

July 29th, 2014 · No Comments


Mr. Harris you are a hypocrite and dangerously inconsistent: you preach against the evils of religion, but are involved in one of the worst abuses of religion, Judaism, in world history, and you give the impression despite a formal critic of the Jewish state, that you are really in favor of the whole game.

The problem is the ‘insoluble’ question of Jewish identity: to be a ‘Jew’ is to a part of a religion, secular, atheist, or not. That’s an impossible situation, but only for a ‘New Atheist’ fanatic, who wants in reality, I suspect, to destroy Xtianity, but maintain a Jewish culture/religion disguised by a secular disguise. I have discussed this here many times, as with the case of Freud, whose loathing of Xtianity emerges in his aggressive atheism, and his attempt to ‘private religion’ via psychoanalsysis. Destroy Xtianity, then create a vehicle that can dominate Gentiles in the name of science, with a very lucrative substitute. The charge against the Jews actually came true in disguise in that case (there are worse things than psychoanalysis, and the solution there was to watch the phenomenon fall apart, begin to pass away).
I don’t wish to be unfair, but I suspect that, unconsciously, perhaps, the New Atheism starts in a similar psychology. I can find no other explanation for the creator of New Atheism suddenly showing his true colors as a Jewish chauvinist.

Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that it is grossly inconsistent to promote atheism and expose the evils of religion, and then support this grotesque situation in Israel.

But the endgame is coming here, and I think we need to prepare for the worst. Who give a shit about Israel anymore? This Jewish sentimentality about the Old Testament is terminally dangerous.
And it is coming to the terrible end feared all along: a dirty bomb finally achieved after a half century of incompetence at Einstein science.

We need to cut our losses. Who gives a shit about Jewish Israel theme park idiocy at this point. Brooklyn starts to looks good all over again.

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