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Reinventing ‘antisemitism’ (out of existence)….

July 29th, 2014 · No Comments

Xtians and general secularists have come to a crossroads in their stance toward Israel: a combination of cowardice, fear of antisemitism, and religious confusion has paralyzed Americans in their stance toward Israel, and the resulting gross cowardice is, best fear the worst, unforgivable.
An era of philosemitism in the wake of the Holocaust has made Gentiles fearful of confronting the truth about Israel, and even about the theological implications of Judaism. The rightwing Bible Belt hasn’t exactly helped.

One of the ironies, I suspect, is that in this situation, an unconscious antisemitism is gestating waiting to explode, but forever unable to do so. Anger at the humiliation of the treatment by American Jews, from the Jewish Lobby to the whole apparatus of cryptofascist control of American politics, has left many American Gentiles with a repressed rage waiting to come out.

So I think one aspect of simply talking about these issues in public is the way this can free repressed anger. But of course mainstream groups are completely muzzled, and unable to speak freely about what is going on, and it is getting worse because the situation feeds on itself.

We should say at first there is no excuse or forgiveness here, in the end: the reality must be faced, even if the Jewish domination circuit is ready to pounce. Move toward it slowly, thoughtfully, and with a determination to ‘reinvent antisemitism out of existence’.
Xtians should face the reality that two millennia of their religion, antisemitic or not, always warned against the factor of Jewish exclusiveness. In the wake of the Holocaust, in a terrible irony, this dangerous phenomenon came out into the open and, horribly, ended up creating the worst case of the phenomenon in the whole history of monotheism.

Time to face reality: if you can’t stand up to Jewish fascism at home and in Israel, you lose the right to be an Xtian, and the time is arriving to destroy these two religions.
Of course, religion is not even the issue anymore: Israel is the creation of a new kind of post-religious ‘Jew’ who will condone and promote his own exclusiveness. But in the end that is really just a remnant of the original Judaism.

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