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The fallacies of Old Testament history

July 29th, 2014 · No Comments


The question of Bibilical Israel is a gross historical mythology reduced to something toxic, demonic, and grossly propagandistic.

The historical analysis of so-called secularists is itself flawed, however, and the historical model of WHEE shows the larger picture of the Axial Age at work, which shows us the way that a macro effect lies behind the ‘history of Israel’, whose Biblical rendering, however, is very far off from reality as we can see.

It is important to face this reality because American Xtianity is the real prop behind the blatant distortion of political power of the fascist Jewish lobby.

We need some kind of clarity here: it is false that there is any Biblical justification for the creation of an exclusive Jewish state. This runaway theology is a gross distortion of religion, and it is rapidly corroding the credibility of Xtians.

Ancient Israel, as we can see from its real history in the Axial period, was a trigger zone in the Axial Age generation of monotheism, next to a whole set of parallel emergent systems. That operation produced monotheism, and then was dismantled. The idea of recreating ‘Israel’ as some kind of Jewish historical right is one of the grossest of distortions, and the ‘karma’ of the American political system for allowing this confusion to happen is doing to be the undoing of the whole American legacy.

The whole experiment of Zionism was a mistake, the worse for losing the realism of real secularism that might have warned against such an historically stupid exercise as the recreation of a Biblical fantasy.

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