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The Munzerian Xtianity….

July 29th, 2014 · No Comments

This is a repost from May, and it is a provocative thought experiment for Xtians who are beginning to realize their religion is about to go down the tubes. Between the abortion of Israel, and the capitulation of Protestantism to capitalism in its worst forms, the burden is on Xtians to create a radically new Xtianity, or face the destruction of their religion.
My suggestion has been a radical move to the left and the creation of a far left Xtianity, something that was foreseen at the dawn of the Reformation.

Anything less is going to fail.

Munzer was the gemini twin of Luther, murdered by Luther-analog groups and their emerging bourgeois cast, a proto-communist at the top of the Reformation, and a prophetic figure in the way he precedes the era of revolution, and their following communist revolution.

In an era of Christianity aborting in the from of the Calvinist cancer of capitalist theology muddle, e.g. in the form of the Prosperity Gospel (spreading globally as a very profitable exploitation of religious hypnosis), the nexus idea of a communist Christianity is an idea whose time has come. But this is a good example of our idea in the previous post of a Virtual Church. But it is perfectly possible to realize in some form. However a revolutionary Munzerian Church can be used very directly without realizing any such church, etc… It is time to remind Asshole Christians of the grotesque nullity of what they call their religion.

Let us note some ‘inflammatory’ issues: the premise of the Reformation: the end of the Catholic geopolitical theocracy. So the authority of the Popes is declared void. Not negotiable. If the Munzerian church is excommunicated (not likely since not Catholic) then it enters a reopening of the wars of the Reformation, the treaty of Westphalia out the window….
The idea is instantly limited by the way a radical movement cannot determine an isolated religion for global activism. But, so what, up to a point…
This is extreme: our idea (in the Preface) comes with the idea of Cancel button: we propose, or dispose of ideas in the Virtual Church. The point is that we are repressing almost all relevant issues, and/or compromising on the possible, which is to say never looking at our real situation. Is this paranoid nonsense? Maybe, then Press Cancel, but…. Modern liberal/communist politics starts with the Reformation and will end with it as the closure of fundamentalist theocracy emerges to control social change and become a de facto capitalist ideology….Etc, etc….

We can create a ‘virtual Red Fortyeight Group’ for the idea for a movement (in the Alternet post, scroll down). We should try to not get in the way, and be ready to do a backflip and join in whatever the case with our exterior detachment, etc…
A political movement at this point should consider the OWS movement, still a puzzle in the way it was undermined. I suspect that the movement stopped the moment the members realized the danger of street protest created by new tactics of the police authorities. ….

Munzer is a reminder to Christians that a Christian idea of a ‘communist’ church was one of the first ideas of the early modern period, in clear symmetry with the Calvinist take on economics, to come. This symmetry destroyed is part of the pathology of modernism, and the corrupt stupidity of current Christians.

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