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The right to exist…The US’s right to exist it perpetuates Israeli injustice?

July 30th, 2014 · 1 Comment

I have produced some strong posts on Jews, Judaism, and Israel here over the last few days. They aren’t strong enough, actually. I think Jews/Israelis are destroying their own great legacy, to leave nothing much behind save a bittersweet memory of a sideshow to the Axial Age.
Is it possible that a people with the legacy of Judaism has so degenerated that the stark moral anomaly of Gaza is not obvious to them?

I think, the completely obscure question of the Holocaust to one side, that Jews are going to discover that they will destroy everything they touch. A mess so total as that of Israel by people who consider themselves as intelligent as the Jews, is hard to understand. I mean, this one is a humdinger. It’s going to take down the US system to correct this. Maybe not. Maybe there is some way to beat the Jewish Lobby. Perhaps sanity can be brought to the immense injustice being perpetrated by Jews/Israelis. This is a world historical distortion of justice that is completely impossible to understand, and by now almost impossible to correct.

I cannot call myself a citizen in good faith of this system corrupted by Jews, and by many other factors, to be very sure. Americans must blame themselves for being stupid. But the damage wrought by Jewish manipulation has effectively destroyed a great democracy (next to capitalism, and the rest of it).

The issue of Israel’s ‘right to exist’ has been so wrongly framed that the point of the debate on this question has been lost.

We can simply restate the issue: the right of a ‘nation’ that has done what Israel has done to Palestine is open to question. The right of a nation to exist that is based on the principle of inequality created by ‘being a Jew’ does not exist. It is not a ‘right to exist’ as a national state inflicting elementary political inequality.

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