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Red Fortyeight Group: toward a leftist postdarwinism….

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The foundations of the Darwin propaganda machine are beginning to erode, a process long underway, but gaining momentum. I think that non-religious secularists need to disengage from Darwinian paradigms and rapidly move to a new view of evolution beyond Darwin.
The left needs to be beaten over the head on the question of Darwinism, which has long cursed the world of marxist ideology. The left needs to move rapidly here because the coming change in paradigm is going to make them look like laughingstocks next to all the conservative groups that long pointed to the fallacies of Darwinism. But leftists and marxists can be very rigid and are likely to drag their feet ad infinitum here. That will be the end of the marxist left. if there is anything left of it…
I hope leftists will avail themselves of Last and First Men which is a comprehensive review of marxist theory, economic theory/ideology, and the issues of evolution and Darwinism.

The abuse of Darwin’s theory to promote atheism, and a claimed critique of design arguments has backfired completely. It makes secularists look stupid. xcheck out the ID blogs versus the Darwinism blogs. The latter have gone into a funk and have a hard time producing material on a daily basis. By comparison the critics have an easy time finding useful material: once you cease to be shackled by natural selection it is a lot easier to discuss evolutionary subjects.
The design argument is unnecessarily the object of immense debate. That’s wrong: the critique of darwinism grants no green light to ID. And/or you can simply wave your hand on ID but withhold any connection to religion, theology, and spiritual designers. Instead, the question of ID is simply a mystery for current science, probably a naturalistic sign for teleological issues.

Whatever the case, the critique of natural selection opens the mind to less inconsistent study, repressing the problems with Darwin’s theory. Darwin’s theory has totally confused everyone who has studied the subject and crippled their understanding of statistics!

The onset of postdarwinism doesn’t require a new illusion as the ‘next theory’. In Last and First Men the ‘non-random’ pattern approach is useful as a way to look at empirical sequences as evidence of hidden dynamism. That can easily be adapted to a noncommittal take on theories of evolution, which can be described but not ‘theorized’. The Appendix to LFM suggests something of the ‘nearly impossible questions’ that make a theory of history/evolution difficult.

A new leftist stance on evolution should abandon darwinism, expose its connection to social darwinism, review its destructive effect on marxism and the Russian fiasco, adopt a new stance on religion and its evolution, take hold of a new expanded definition of secularism, and take on a relative agnosticism on human evolution.

I think all these issues are treated in LFM, but the resistance on the left is going to remain. We need to start to create new leftist ‘New Communist’ groups that can communicate with the old marxism but able to bypass the legacy mired in Stalinism and all the bullshit debates on everything from historical materialism to Leninist strategy.

This new ‘Red Fortyeight Group can unite on neo-communist fundamentals but allow diversity on cultural/historical questions, on the way to a new paradigm. The issues of religion can be taken in a very tolerant way, even as the inner core of thinking of the old challengers of capitalism emerge as a new but much better critique of religion.
This new formation can use LFM to easily create a platform for communist Xtianity, a new Islamic secularism, a semi-buddhist perspective, and a new an ‘in motion’ thought-trend attempting to create a new broad secular perspective as a backup to the new communism. This new perspective is not going to get into arguments over ‘god’, spirituality, materialism, and determinism versus free will. The paradigm of LFM is architectural and dialectical (in the real very simple sense) and embraces a field of perspectives. Beyond those a field of ‘praxis’ uses constructivist approach to sociological entities, e.g. the ‘new communism’, a postcapitalist economic system, etc…
I think everyone is spooked by the Bolshevik economic idiocies. But the conclusion that there can be no way to construct a communist economy that works is false.

We are losing time with these deadbeat marxists who will never change: we can start over with a new ‘party’, club, cult, movement, cadre, religion, postreligion, t-shirt marked Red Fortyeight Group, and an admit one ticket which you can print out as per below. We need something in place STAT given the probabilities we suspect as to climate change.

Ticket” by Sami Hult – Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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