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Reinventing antisemitism (out of existence) (and into insight into the old ‘jewish question'(s))…

August 1st, 2014 · 3 Comments



The link is to a touching article at Portside on the issue of Jewish morality. But I would be altogether wary of sentimental thinking here: Jewish/Israeli culture has passed into something quite different at this point. The classic Jewish outsider (stetl) emerged into modernity after the French Revolution and produced a huge progressive/liberal cadre, but that is now waning rapidly. This is an article by a Jewish person, I take it. But Gentiles need to be wary here.
There is another side to Jewish culture, and its roots in nineteenth century Zionism (hard to understand, because often unpublic), the milieu of Nietzsche being one influence, has wrought something peculiar in the culture of modern Judaism. And we have discussed the way ‘Jewish morality’ as a dead fiction is long gone in the New Age world of Gurdjieffianity, a field subject to hostile takeover in occult warfare by the remarkable new type of ‘Jewish villain’ we see in Gurdjieff imitations (plus some homegrown Jewish ‘evil’) of E.J. Gold. We are seeing something a long way from standard morality. Jewish adoption of disparate occult traditions has made them a people to be careful about.
(We should not neglect the neo-cons here, with figures like Leo Strauss…it is worth studying Strauss’ fixation with Nietzsche).
These people are dangerous, and talk about Jewish morality at this point is pure claptrap, even if it is an attempt we support here, of shaming the Israeli thugs. The point is becoming belatedly obvious to many, in a state of shock now as to Israel and Gaza.

Gentiles (and de facto ‘Jewish’ Gentiles) need to be wary of what is happening to them with these black magicians and their new style of play, foisted from Nietzsche, Rosicrucianism, Black Sufism, and gosh knows what else.
I think Zero Mostel saw the reality and tried to cover it up by exposing it as humor, quite possibly Jewish. Good for him. His book on villains is cheap second hand at Amazon.
(there is one copy at $o.15). The Producers was cute. And I am sure that Jewish Hollywood moguls are real shits, but that is unimportant compared to other feats of the black art.

The reality is not so funny: some jews, being smart, have deciphered the old black magic (I am sure it was always a staple of Jewish culture, however, ‘qabalah’ and other rubbish fronts for bad guy stuff) purloined from the occult tradition, especially the German, and can be quite deadly where too many Gentile idiots try to figure out Aleister Crowley.
That said, the hidden energies in the stupendous projection of Judeo-Xtianity suggest the Judaic line had no need of any outside help, and the character of Jesus in plain view tells us a lot superficially about primordial ‘Jewish’ and then ‘sufi’ magical thinking, at some lost phase on the level of Frodo and Gandalf-that’s history now.
We don’t have to apologize for puking antisemitism back up the throttle: it is an old sickness, and it was always a latent strain.
These bad guys can do bad things, after the fashion of Gurdjieff sufis, and we should not be afraid to ‘reinvent antisemitism’ as a warning (to Jews also) of the dangers of occult invultuation, soul murder by ritual sacrifice, and…well geopolitical operations via Israel,..but that’s nonsense, it hasn’t worked…
The Middle East has enough occultists to shrug at Jewish Nietzscheans, and the spectrum of Israeli intelligence is so close to ‘cretin’ that presumptions of ‘chosenness’ and ‘jewish superman’ have gotten flat tires. Hohum. If you are a klutz, a schlemiel, and a shmuck, all at once, the high ritual of Qabalah/RosyCross are not a real option. So I guess our episode of chattering teeth as to ‘Jewish villains’ was a false alarm. Jews are doomed to join the club, of Gentile magical incompetence, and ‘villain’ by birth, sans the ritual dark initiations.

Meanwhile the whole Israeli operation (I have made no direct charges in the chaff dished out above, it’s all nonsense, right?) is degenerating (more after the fashion of the American military/political cadre after the Civil War, in the final solution of the Indian question) and the end game is coming: we aren’t ready, yet can’t let a group of ‘Injun killers’ with American money do all over again the ethnic cleansing operation well known to American students of history.

In any case, the article on Jewish morality is touching, but it is important to study some further spy films to see how the hints of psychopathy in government fail to reach the evening news.

The situation in Israel is a unique situation and requires study. We remain quite unaware of the poisoned reality of Israel, consider these films, Bethlehem, Zaytoun, Omar A Bottle in the Gaza Sea. Free at Netflix
I for one am shocked at the portraits of poisoned culture in such films, and there are a lot more.

If we are going to reinvent antisemitism it should have a philosemitic strain and aim toward a nonviolent guerilla warfare (psychological) against the idea of Isreal. What’s wrong with Brooklyn? As the once and future Stetl Israel is it seems once again doomed to a diaspora…

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