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Given the criminal coup of the Jewish lobby the American dysfunctional government has lost its right to exist! Meanwhile Israel was a criminal mess from the start

August 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

The situation in Israel is in many ways the fault of the American government and confused Christian conservatives who are being exploited by cynical Israelis who are nihilists and Nietzdche muddlehead predators.
But there is no excuse for either party here. The Christians have no license in the Bible for their claims about ‘Eretz Israel’ and the American government is a puzzle concealing the hidden pressure of the Jewish lobby. It would not be that hard to expose most of the mechanism at work here, so why the continued succesful camouflage?
This situation has grown intolerable and threatens the legitimacy of the American system, which has been decimated by the Jewish/Israeli gangsters exploiting this cadre of naive Americans.

We can conclude with one devastating question: was the Iraq war, with all its crimes, a manipulation of the Israeli agencies?

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