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A boycott of jewish leftists/marxists?

August 3rd, 2014 · No Comments

Looking at the situation in Israel, it might be time for Jewish leftists (marxists) to lead the way toward a fully Gentile left leadership with no jewish wannabees trying to parade their superior smarts and leadership for those dumb gentiles, etc… It is not unfair to put it this way since as we have pointed out here multiple times: Marx was an ex-Christian, and NOT a jew. But now the ex-Christian Marx is the Jewish Marx in a cult of Jewish Marxists wringing their hands over the fate of Trotsky, etc… This situation has crippled the left in my view. But noone seems to see what is happening. But now with the example of Israel people are getting paranoid about jewish leadership of any kind. This is not about jewish students of politics in the general culture sphere, but about those whose leadership will make or break trends toward equality.

The question is getting an automatic answer: jewish leadership, after sixty years of Israel, which was/is partly a leftist field of activists (so there is no excuse in blaming the right), is strikingly bad, exclusivist to snobbishi, and predatory, with a hidden Nietzschean logic and a will to create a dominating cadre of jews. Poor candidates for a communist movement!

Solution, one that is mutually shared: We need a demo boycott of jewish leadership on the left, in a form that allows discussions between jews/gentiles over coffee (none of those old stealth antisemitic tactics), in order to generate a new kind of postmarxist ideology, and assembly, of Gentiles and assimilated jews. Despite two centuries of brilliant liberal activism from secular jews we can see that ‘jewish identity’ is an affirmation of inequality, and leadership from such a source will always backfire and produce elitism. The solution therefore is a new hybrid culture of jews/xtians, or anyone else, and a safe groundwire for the runaway eugenic lunacies, left and right, jewish and fascist, that threaten to wreak fresh havoc less than a hundred years after the Holocaust in the incredible winding down of Zionist Israel. It is hard to believe what one is seeing there.

Part of the problem lies in the defective structure of Judeo-Christianity which produced centuries of confusion. In the modern sphere the trend toward secularization created the hope of dealing with this problem. But the stance of figures like Marx who assumed without question the need to abandon not only Judaic religious culture, but Jewish identity, and to embrace the larger sphere of Gentiles beyond class. Jewish identity we can see now is a class and caste status distinction, now generating a huge confusion in places like the US and Israel, and those who trusted the regime of tolerance stand betrayed by the monstrosity we see now in Israel, a situation leading to the corruption and downfall of American democracy. How on earth did such a promising start to modernity produce this mess?
One answer is the new age question: Christianity can secular and Christians vanish into a large secular population, while Jewish culture, being identity based via birth, cannot secularize short of assimilation. It is a curse on us all that the issue should be so obstinately hard to deal with in this fashion. But such is the case we see now. And we can see the truly horrific and insoluble mess created in Israel by the obsolete and ‘old era’ crypto-religious character of the ‘Jewish Identity’ problem given the chance to create a political violation of social equality in an immense false experiment paid for with American money. This outrageous situation has to stop. And one solution is for the left/marxist or not, Jewish and Xtian or ‘other’, to create a demo culture of assimilated Genjus and Gentiles, plus Jewish fellow travelers on the way to a new identity in a new era.
Face reality: the jewish idea is dead, and dead/toxic, and about to wreck an entire sector of modernity. If Marx understood this from the start it is time to stop the fetishistic cult of the jewish marxists creating a cadre of superior leftists. We need a new culture on the left of assimilating jews and xtians (and I fear the same fate awaits Xtians, and then possibly moslems).

There are many ways to do this, and many ways to get it wrong, and a lot of resistance dead certain to make it impossible to solve this problem. The Jewish/Xtian context belongs to the Axial Age and is obsolete, and that includes the false wish of ‘secular jews’ to create a postreligious culture of superman after the deft stealth advice of Nietzsche. Israel has made obvious that is esoteric project put into action actually turns intelligent jews into Israeli gorillas, not quite the overman project of the hoitytoity.
Jews and Xtians need to exit the Axial era once and for all, as one group, and a new culture of Genjus can rapidly overtake the idiocy now in motion.
I think Marx’s instincts here were sound, and the claptrap about ‘self-hating jews’ has gone on long enough. A set of assimilating families on the left, especially the marxist left, to leave behind jewish identity in a new era in a new and vigorous mixed culture, the final fruit of the Axial Age bequeathed to a New Age.
This would need shared effort in a demo: evidently marxist Finkelstein is sent packing out the front door, to sneak in the back door as Finley with a false mustache. But no hiding is needed: jewish identity could be poison, but ‘jewish flavor’ could be a vast experiment in culture blends for the future. In principle the gesture could be reversed as all the Finley’s become Finkelsteins, marxists. Genjus.

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