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What is going on with the Jewish question?

August 4th, 2014 · No Comments


We have had some strong posts on the question of jews/judaism, and these are not in any way antisemitic. Rather, a constructive warning. It almost looks as if history is plotting to undermine judaism and jews, even in the midst of great successes. Looking at Israel we see a remarkable achievement, now seen to have been flawed and tragic from the start. Suddenly it is clear this should not have happened, and it will soon turn into another tragic setback, perhaps the terminal one, for the Jewish idea.
What is going on?
The problem is completely obvious to a student of my macro effect (and that model isn’t really needed to study the question): The macro effect depicts a progression of epochs, and the rise of modernity shows a strong ‘new age’ effect that induces Reformation to Enlightenment critique of Axial Age religions. Those religions are clear outcomes of that period, and the onset of a new era shows the sudden and irreversible onset of ‘recycling’ of those religions. The onset of ‘secularism’ is understood now, but its original meaning in the sixteenth century was clear: the perception of a new epoch or saeculum underway.
The process is transparent in the Reformation and it shows a clear effort to start with recycled versions of the old religions, moving then to recast them as something new. We can see as Hegel noted that the Reformation ‘reforms’ Christianity, and then in a stunning progression of transformations arrives at the versions of secular humanism that we see. But it never really abandons is revised versions of the Axial Age religions, although it points the way to a completely new future. Suddenly the Reformation Protestantism is weakening, on schedule, and it is useful to see that as Hegel suggested its completion and future lay in the seeds planted by Kant and the epigones of German Classical philosophy. From Tillich to Martin Luther King we see that this is so. But there is also the parallel track of secular humanism, born in the generation of Marx (or before with Spinozists, etc) and this is another of the limited outcomes to the Reformation. It is unclear how the future of Protestantism (and the Catholic Church is essentially a Protestant Church at this point) will play out. But the example of the New Atheism shows how limited downshifting of the larger legacy won’t produce the continuation sought.
This situation is confusing, but the reason for it is obvious: the sudden cessation of an old religion would leave humanity in a state of amnesia about a crucial phase in world history: the better solution is to create an overlap effect. You can see the problem in the New Atheist movement: nothing in the Reformation to Enlightenment entailed ‘atheism’ as the outcome of modernity. It did give some space to a repressed potential but in the end the nature of the secular is something far more complex and still to be resolved.

Here it is worth noting that the Reformation simply bypassed Judaism. That’s logical: the original system was the launch vehicle for monotheism, and will be phased out. It is a notable effect, this bypassing of Judaism. Then suddenly, with mathematical precision, Jews gain civil rights and are ejected into the ‘bourgeois/revolutionary’ sphere, where they very often become flagship secularists. But the issue of Judaism then in the post-transition shows a heavy set of new or ‘reformed’ brands. IN the lingo of the macro model these are late post-transitional inductions, ‘free action’, not ‘system action’. The future world system isn’t really going to support these, or ‘Judaism’. It is simply up to the individuals in question to do what they please. But over the long haul the continuity is not likely to be there.
We have several times insisted that the Holocaust is separate from this: our system always recycles its prior productions and fields of action. The Holocaust is a confused nightmare: someone got Darwin in his brain, with Nietzche and thought eugenic extermination was evolution.
Our larger system never makes mistakes like that.
In my personal view, which I can’t impose on this macro effect, the Jewish continuation after the emergence of Christianity was a sideshow for a mysterious eugenics experiment. And at the end of the old epoch a culture of jews with a strange new genetics is delivered to the output field. This is highly dangerous subject to think about, and I hesitate to mention it. It is a bit insulting, but in the end jews themselves have been instinctively tuned to this strange scheme despite a few misfires based on other observers of this phenomenon who got it wrong, e.g. Nietzsche. This new eugenics is very limited and refers to the Semitic starting point, not the Indo-European genome, which is probably the source of the change. The relative appearance of higher intelligence in modern Jews is misleading, and experiments for the ‘Jewish New Superman’ are grotesque idiocies.
In any case, this tells us something most jews I have known find obvious: that the secular era has simply ditched their Judaism, despite a strong continuation due to the obsessive clinging to the old era.
So with this in mind it is not hard to see why Israel is such a fiasco: the question of ancient Israel has no future in the world system. The attempt by a group of quite unjudaic Zionists to recreate the old historical artifact for a new era of Jews is not forbidden by our macro system, but it is not fed either. Sooner or later its size will start to collide with the real future emerging. The real future for jews is clear in the bourgeois sphere, and in the enrichment of assimilated jews into the larger system. The idea of a new Israel granted by the license of the Old Testament is one of the monumental blunders of pseudo-modernity, and the old question now is how much more damage this misplaced idiocy will do before it turns into another calamity.

There was/is a simple and obvious solution, now sadly very hard to bring about, though it might have been easy in the early twentieth century: a new oikoumene of Israel/Palestine, with Gaza, West Bank, perhaps Jordan, Lebanon, say, in a federated combination with a universal population, though possibly one temporarily with a ‘semitic’ slant, Jewish and Arab. The fighting that induced ethnic cleansing in Palestine might have with true visionary insight instead of the narrow and squint-brained Zionists like Ben Gurion et al produce a federal unification that could have accelerated since the 1848 into the kind of smashing success we see in the early American system. Instead, due to the demonic idiocy of the jewish ‘self obsession’ a truly historic mess of pottage, beyond repair. It is too late for that now, and a Gandhian version of this might work. I think our opinion of Jews will shrink to the past cases of failure, like the Assyrians.
Can anything be done here? In any case, nothing can go right as long as Jews have unequal status in the legal framework of ‘Israel’. What a blunder!

In the American sphere, the damage done by jews, to foment Israel, has been terrible, but it is not in principle beyond repair. In any case, the situation is quite different: jews in the US, et al places, have no power to control citizenship definitions, so the danger there is null. But the damage done to the system to foment Israel is proving almost as bad.

We must put a stop to this fascist coup in disguise, and put jews to their only real future, that of assimilation, relative or complete into the new era’s mixer: bourgeois, and someday, communist, culture.

The reference to a eugenics experiment is perhaps ill-advised. It will give people ideas, and already, cf. Wade’s recent book, lunatic notions are gaining ground. The Jewish eugenics’ experiment is over, probably by the sixteenth century or so, and didn’t follow darwinian principles.
It is important to debunk darwinism and sound the warning that the way to eugenics transformation is beyond the capacity of current culture/science. The issue has been completely warped by Nietzsche. Natural selection, social darwinism, and massive genocidal actions based on elimination are a primitive calamity in motion, one in eerie irony applied to Jews themselves. Our macro system is much more sophisticated, and isn’t doing Nietzsche. Clearly the genetic upgrade was very modest and is based on Gentile recombination so all the nonsense about the ‘new man’ is premature. Gentiles are being played for stupid, but all the innovations of modernity are Gentile, so the students of this question have totally missed something.
You CANNOT evolve a population using violent natural selection.

These questions are important because a fascist eugenics program on both of the the Jewish/Gentile sides came into effect just at the time the Zionist project was crystallizing. The eugenic/genocidal impulse based on darwinian mass-murder is a runaway freight-train and a set of unconscious reflexes the the Israeli thug-circuit now running Israel. The result can only be degeneration.

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