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Gaza, jewish marxists/leftists, and the future of the left beyond religion

August 5th, 2014 · No Comments

The situation in Gaza makes critical the issue of Axial Age religion and the hopes of a future communist left that can both accept and critique legacy religion. Whatever is decided it is important to remember that ‘jewishness’ is an Axial Age identity trap. So is the Xtian, for that matter. The question of Islam is still more confusing and difficult.

I think that leftist jews should, to be totally provocative, in the wake of the Gaza fiasco, recuse themselves from leftist leadership. Their position as consultants, scholars, advisers, can remain secure. Xtians are soon going to confront the same problems, with their Properity gospel churches calling the rich saved and the poor damned (imagine that), but their position is not yet so filled with hate. And they are not an exclusivist group.

It is going to soon be unfair but inevitable that jewish leftists (sadly, like Trotsky) are going to be the targets of anger.

We need to move toward new universal categories on the left. And we can see that Marx himself foresaw the problem and took action in that direction

Notes: this is unfair to Xtians and Moslems. Their religions are a solution to the problem created by Judaism.
But all three are likely to lose everything due to the Jewish question. Small wonder the explosions of anger.

Time for a new emergency ‘exit strategy’ and ‘identity transit’ for jews on the left. IN the states, the support for jewish leaders will remain, but I can feel that old implacable hatred coming back. And this time the Gentile associates will be equal targets, leftists take note.

We have discussed the issue of identity surrender and naming many times at The Gurdjieff Con blog. Cf/etc…

We can start with Chomsky/Naomi KLein on the list of ‘jewish leaders in the way’….

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