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Chomsky’s unconscious betrayal syndrome?

August 8th, 2014 · No Comments


What is it with Chomsky? He writes all these articles, very eloquent, on radical issues, but when the chips are down he sabotages everything. The issues of the 9/11 expose, Bin Laden, and all that plus the JFK fumble (or deception), and now unbelievably, obstruction on the BDS front.

This is either deliberate sabotage, or as I suspect his victimization as an unconsciously manufactured stooge. These celebrities are at risk and get turned into mush brains.
We should still respect Chomsky, wheel him to public demonstrations in a wheel chair, but we wary of his unconscious betrayal syndrome.
In LFM I hint at the way these unconscious mindfucks are dangerous to leftists. But, dunno in Chomsky’s case.

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