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Definitional judaism as a violation of religious rights and equality?

August 11th, 2014 · No Comments

The apparent trend to creeping ‘antisemitism’ is no doubt troubling to many readers here, but it isn’t antisemtism, but philosemitism from the left laced with metacritique of Jewish culture.
The history of Israel and the incidents of Gaza show that the Jewish question is coming to a head: the stark reality is emerging that Jewish culture has almost destroyed American civilization. Philosemitism is strong, but that can change very rapidly. The antisemitic unconscious is unstable and sees things quite differently: Example, the antisemtic unconscious, if you can catch it in action (and it is not the same as the antisemitic thuggeries still active on the right) is echoing something dreadful: it goes, the Germans killed their jews and look at how they prospered. The Ameericans gave them everything and look what happened: the lost control of their democracy, Mossad was caught redhanded in 9/11, and the politics of Israel has gone ballistic. The whole American civilization is subject to discredit, losing its rationale of just government. Is this fair? Maybe not, but the unconscious can explode, and perhaps along the lines above.
I think Jewish behavior has been deficient, if not disgraceful. Jews are smart enough to see the problems and not let Jewish chauvinists take over. But that is just what has happened. The size of the American system is such that it can absorb this problem, but all at once it seems, maybe not: the case of Israel is grotesque. How did a people that produced Einstein create this mess?

The issue is simple: the definitional standard is false and subject to corruption: to say that only those born to a Jewish mother are jews and to base a system of political rights on that is asking for disaster. And in America it is a de facto class domination scheme creating a defacto violation of equal rights.

In a normal system definitional judaism should be considered a violation of rights. Period. Americans have dug their own grave, and it is probably too late to do anything. How sad.

The rights question here is anomalous and it won’t work very well to consider an alteration on the rights issue. But let it be noted at least that public awareness of the nature of this problem can lead to change. And it should be clear to every christian and every secular humanist the distortion in the Judaic assumptions about religion: religions in the Axial Age were about spiritual equality, and all of a sudden the Judaic system defined itself out of that in the name of Old Testament myths about the covenant that are pure bullshit. We should be aware that definitional judaism can destabilize a social system and create a domination complex based on induced chauvinism. Definitional exclusivism would be hard to legislate, but it would be easy to deny this the status of religion: it is primitive and grotesque to base a definition of human worth on a set of worthless religious documents unwittingly given religious sanction and authority by the victims.

The situation resembles what must have destroyed Hinduism, or rather santana dharma: the false outcome was ‘hinduism’ (but to be open to clarifications of these terms): the Aryans must have slowly but surely taken over the indigenous hindu/yoga/jain/protobuddhism/etc and made it a construct of Aryan mythology.
The same thing is happening slowly in the US: a category of racial religiosity that allows no outcaste members sacred religious priviledges slowly takes control and makes religious status a birth right controlled by an elite caste. That has not yet happened in the case of Judaism (we hear whisperings already that Jews and Brahmans must take control of religion and render all lesser castes of dumb gentiles outcastes) etc… It won’t happen, even if the ancient case shows it can happen, but the distortion of class warfare from American Jews and Gentiles is already the case. That will soon become explicitly linked to the contradictions of religious inequality, and the endgame will come, hopefully, hoping a dissipating fart gas that will dispel into nothing in the dismissal of religious illusions.
The solution is at hand, however: creepy little things are forced into the light in modern times, and the case of judaism is not convincing: it looks more screwball than anything else. The Old Testament suddenly looks ludicrous with maturity. The Aryans, by contrast, once they took control of yoga were able to create an aura of almost mystical authority. The original groups that had lost out to the Aryans were seen now as inferior. And the Jews, despite strong efforts, have a weak religious base (as did the Aryans) and would need to rip off someone else’s religion to really establish control (this is visible in the strong efforts to seize control of sufism and Tibetan buddhism, etc..) Such efforts will collapse, but we should air them in open without violence by laughing them out of the ballpark. It is good however to get this out in the open, because it can turn into an explosive paranoia about jews.
Jews are totally overrated and this negative future will abort very soon. Too many jews would themselves destroy this future, leaving the kind of remnant gorillas we see now in Israel trying in vain to bring about this false future, fueled no less by amateur readings of Nietzsche, by the people who brought us the superman comic. A packs of fools is as far as I would go in rebuking these folks. That’s enough.

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