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Islamic Modernism: Responses to Western Modernization in the Middle East

August 13th, 2014 · No Comments

Our idea is ‘come lately’.
All the work has been done here by Moslems themselves long before the pretentious Lawrence of Arabia, that stooge of the British foreign office. He did, I note, suggest one issue: divisions by tribe. Battles of Sunnis and Shias are a calamity, no doubt fueled by the covert agencies. But the basic analysis and the start toward modenization was in direct concert with the rest of the world.
This article proves my point of yesterday that already by the early nineteenth century the Moslem world, in exact timing with our macro effect, had already begun the work toward modernization, and had ample leadership able to diagnose the problem and suggest action. We could disagree on points with Afghani here (cited) but his analysis was good enough. And there seem to be no fundamentalists eager to attack him. So what happened to stall and foreclose on this kind of thinking/ Western imperialism has to be one of the key issues. And it got worse as the various agencies of imperialism began to tinker with local institutions, etc…
Japan repelled the imperialists, let us recall.
So I think here that my earlier point in the essay yesterday and before points to the obvious: the failure to repel imperialists is the root problem. And that includes capitalism, this being at first sight the same tired sociological yawn…But the point is simple: take the ferocity of latent protest seen in ISIS and apply it to imperialism, not via Jihad, but via a modern anti-imperiali war, ‘communism’ in quotation marks as a definand, being the classic vein.

This requires starting with Afghani and letting the force of revision act, not on the meta-religion, Islam, but on the particulars of cultural customary law, indifferently sacred yet already secular and able to be open to revision by reformation, as jihad becomes revolutionary modernism. Communism is useful because it can match the neglected but atavistic idea of the Caliphate, which, however, points to more that nationalism, but to a, yes, from yore, globalization principle, here the Caliphate of soviet Islamic republics moving toward postcapitalism as ‘real democracy’ pace ‘communism’.

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