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The endgame of judaism

August 15th, 2014 · No Comments

http://chronicle.com/article/Biblical-Blame-Shift/138457/?cid=cr&utm_source=cr&utm_medium=en Jim Buck has a useful link to Wolin trying to Halt! Jan Assman: I cannot fully discuss this without a little research, but I can at least second the way in which Jewish cultural eclusivism has been a tragedy for mankind. And we are seeing its endgame now.
Jewish exclusivism has given birth to Israel, a truly nauseating realization of jewish exclusivism. It take an exceptionally arrogant and enclosed asshole to be still preaching jewish exclusivism as a divine right of some sort. Critical research here must be supported, despite the scholarly complications.
We also need to be done with this. While jews debage whether it is alright for Gentiles to point the finger at a religious abortion of monotheism we need to skip the discussion and move into the future.
We are about to lose American civilization on this. How do we get out of Jewish Lobby fascism?
The questions raised by Wolin and Assman are important but there is simpler way. The structural analysis of the Axial Age can put the questions in context: http://history-and-evolution.com.
It is all a lost cause, and the overshoot of Jews into modernity was to be expected. But modern cilivization was a Gentile creation. Apart from Spinoza, who needed in the end a response form Kant, the Jewish contribution to modernity was very limited before 1800. But now we see an aggressive takeover in multiple fields, and the truly horrendous Isreal. Gentiles are in the process of losing their own future to the ghost of Judaism.

Time to move into an exit strategy here, both as to Israel, and as to the corruption of American politics. Jews just don’t get it. After 60 years of Isreal we have no say in the unfolding of Jewish/Israeli exclusivism as it descends into depravity.

It is almost impossible to discuss this with thumbsucking Jewish idiots who are stuck in a groove formed in the Axial Age. It should long gone by now. But the sad reality is that modernity is going to shift to areas not dominated by the archaism of Judaism, and jewish domination.


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