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Opening the floodgates of jewish self-definition.

August 16th, 2014 · No Comments

Comment from Jim Buck http://darwiniana.com/2014/08/01/reinventing-antisemitism-out-of-existence-and-into-insight-into-the-old-jewish-questions/#comment-623154

The questions of antisemitism are very troubling, but the case of the US has done something strange: a kind of (partial) validation of the frustration created by Judaic exclusivism. The monotheistic tradition is filled with a kind of sadness: the vehicle of spiritual equality and universalism now confronts the residual and spiritually derelict starting point trying to create spiritual inequality. The US is going to go down in history as a great state taken over by the anomalous remnant of the Judaic trigger mechanism turning into a form of brahministic domination vampire. However, I think assimilation will gradually resolve the problem. And the Christian framework will persist as a challenge as long as Judaic remnant threatens to dominate Gentile culture.

Two things are needed: a resolution of the monumental mess of Israel and the gesture to open the floodgates of Judaism to a universal group. Neither of the latter seems likely, and the mayhem of rogue Judaism/Israelitism will persist.

Again, I think the US is the vehicle for the solution: it is a large cultural mixer, and the jewish issue will fade with time.

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